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Crying Kitten

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We adopted a kitten 3 weeks ago and she cries every morning at 5:30 and just gets louder and louder until someone gets up and comforts her. She is 11 weeks old and the only cat in the house, we don't allow her in our bedroom because my husband is allergic. We have tried ignoring her but she will cry on and off for hours until one of us gets up. I think she just want's attention but I need some advice on how to keep her quiet while we sleep. My husband says we will have to find her a new home if I can't keep her quiet and I just love her so much I don't want to get rid of her. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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give her some serious interactive play right before bedtime. Use an old fishing pole with a toy attached and just play with her letting her leap up small distances and run around. Then cuddle her and love on her and when she gets noisy just ignore her. When you get up and see to her needs, she knows how to get her way and she will continue on. You could also consider getting her a playmate (another kitty) and also invest in earplugs.
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When we ignore her she just cries louder, any idea's what to do when she does that? We can't get another kitten because my husband is allergic, I was lucky to be able to have one around. Do you think this is something that she will grow out of? I thought at first she was missing her mom and littermates and thought after a couple of weeks she would be fine but it looks like I was wrong. Any thoughts?
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I forgot to add that a vet visit may be in order just to make sure she is okay. If you haven't already done that. Have you tried giving her a stuffed animal she can snuggle close to for comfort? She still is a bit young and should of stayed with mom and littermates a bit longer. Kitties when they are that young, do most of their serious play with their bothers and sisters in the wee hour of the morning. She knows this is missing now and she is unhappy and wondering where it all went so strange.
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I agree.... and, most respectfully, your DH needs to lighten up a bit. A kitten IS a baby, and they have special needs, especially when they've been removed from their mother and siblings too early.
Although kittens can be weaned at 8 weeks and survive on their own, they shouldn't be seperated from Mom until at leas 12 weeks... they still need the comfort and companionship of the mother and siblings as well as the socialization that teaches them how to play without hurting and other lessons that mother cats teach. I'm assuming that you've had the kitten since 9 weeks, so you really have an infant cat that needs extra care and understanding. In a very real sense, she's transferred that need for comfort and safety from Mom cat to you and for her to grow up happy and healthy, she needs to receive it. Chances are that she will relax as she gets older and this will be a temporary thing.

Does she have access to food at night? Kittens need to feed frequently, and this can be one of the problems. It may definitely help to give her interactive play and lots of attention before you go to bed, and a "stuffed" companion to cuddle up. However, this may not stop the crying and you and your DH may have to show some patience with the kitten until she grows out of it.
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We rescued one little kitty at about 9 weeks and he regularly got up at 1:00 and then 5:30. We left food out for him, but he needed attention. My hubby was in on this with me, but used to be a cat-hater, so it was really difficult and stressful at first. My solution, initially, was to sneak out of bed and play with him until he tuckered out again. At the 5:30 wake-up call, I'd sneak out and feed him and play with him. Yes, I was completely sleep deprived.

One week later, we rescued his brother. It sounds to me like that's not an option for you. It solved our 1:00 in the morning problem, but not the 5:30 - not at first. After about a week or two it did. They wait till we're up for "breakfast" (some wet food. We still leave dry food out for them).

The stuffed animal idea is great, but if you can afford it, you might want to consider getting one of those stuffed animals for infants that make heartbeat sounds. A lady at the pet store recommended just a cheap old-fashioned tick-tock clock wrapped up in something soft. That would probably work too. Leave it on in kitty's bed before you head off for the night.

One last option - would hubby consider taking Zyrtec? I'm terribly allergic to cats and have other allergies as well. I switched from clarinex to Zyrtec, and it works great. Kitties are allowed in the bedroom with us now, and one of them often ends up sleeping on a pillow above my head. If hubby would take Zyrtec, maybe kitty would sleep quietly in a bed on the floor next to you, thus not wailing when needing attention. Kitty could hop up on to you, and not wake up hubby this way.

Good Luck! And PLEASE let us know what happens, even if you have to give kitty away! Sending hopeful thoughts and quiet kitty vibes your way! Sounds like your kitty would have a wonderful caring mommy. I really hope it works out. I've never had cats before, and this June they walked into our lives. We love having them - I can't imagine having to get rid of them now! But we'd be here to share your sorrow if that's what happens. I'm praying for good news.

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P.S. What's her name?
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We adopted an orphaned kitten that was 4 weeks old a few months ago. She cried at certain times because that was her usual feeding time. So my bet is that at 5:30am the kitten was fed by his/her mom and that is the hour she expects her food and bath.
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