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Free ware

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I'm wondering if anyone can recomend any good free photo shop style program. Something good for making nice backgrounds and layers. Thanks!
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Good luck! I have looked and looked. I think the best "free" stuff I have found is the software that comes with scanners or digital cameras, like Photodeluxe or Arcsoft camera suite. It is nowhere near as powerful as PS though.
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Ya, I did mine w/ a combo of Arcsoft and MSPaint.

Thanks for the link Karen. I knew I forgot to do something before I posted this... like search for similar threads.
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You can pick up The Gimp for free from here http://www.gimp.org. It's a free program and works on Windows, Linux and Mac. I've had issues learning how to use it, so have just bought the book "Beginning Gimp".

You could do a similar thing, and pick up a Gimp book second hand for cheap, and do a heck of a lot of the same things Photoshop does for a whole lot less.
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
Paint.NETv2.72 was released on August 31st, 2006, and can be downloaded here:
www.getpaint.net. It's freeware, and has many of the tools found in Photoshop or Paintshop Pro. There are tutorials right on the site, too.
I tried it, and as long as you are not already used to photoshop, it is a great starting place. It doesn't have brushes though - so you eventually may want to advance to Photoshop Elements or Paintshop Pro
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