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Cost: Female spay 45.00/male neuter 30.00
Call for an appointment:1-800-978-5226
Date: Monday, 10/30; Tuesday,10/31
Address: Spalding Animal Control Parking Lot, 208 Justice Blvd Griffin, GA
Financial assistance for qualified individuals
Kitties must be 8 weeks or older
Free Rabies for cats 3 months and older
Please call for service details on the doggies!
****Rescues are helpful & hopeful yet Spay/Neuter is the ultimate solution to the animal crisis as we all know. Please spread the word above and feel free to post the flyer and info so more Griffin, GA area residents can become informed of the 2 day event and take advantage of this low cost needed service. Success will lead to to repeat visits of the mobile clinic. And many of us know, the animals in GA need much help and happy endings!