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Purse mysteriously up-ended...

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Do any of you ever notice that if you leave your purse open overnight...when you get up in the morning, it has mysteriously been emptied out and its contents are strewn across the house??

I wonder what could cause that??

Something furry I bet
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It counldn't possibly have been sweet innocent Trout! gosh darn those gnomes!! always getting the kitties in trouble
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I bought a different purse a couple of weeks ago and last night bakker was on the counter sticking his paw in there to search for something he could play with!!
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That's too funny.. I hang my purse on the door when I go to be at night,, and my purse is a pull tie closed kind.. Well it has these wooden balls on them that hang from the purse. (I know it sounds ugly,, but it's really a nice canvas purse..) Anyways,, my cats will play with the strings, and those balls all night long... You can hear it banging up against the door in the middle of the night.. The fascination of my purse and my kitties.. My littler kittens like to hang from my purse for some odd reason,, I guess it's fun!!!
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Joji once used it as a bed after she got rid of some items she found unsuitable as bed stuffing.
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Definitely gnomes - our sweet furries would never do a thing like that (I am saying this after Bumps dropped a lipgloss on my head last laight )
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I tend to have a problem with those silicon bracelets. Somehow somthing in my house finds them and chews them into little pieces. I guess i'm not suposed to "Live Strong..." or the like. Damn evil Gnomes!!
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It was the gnomes!!!! They did it!!! You need a Gnome Alarm!
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since it could NEVER be your cats you must have a cousin of the infamous yehudi who lives in my house and does that sort of mischief.
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I have found cat hairs in my open purse. Both loose and ones still attached to the cat!
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