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Prayers for Jacob

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My brother-in-law and his wife have a wonderful little miniature dachsund (sp?). Ever since they got Jacob as a puppy he and I have had a special relationship. He gets really, really excited when he sees me and I love him back just as much. In-laws say he only ever gets that excited with me. Anyway, about 2 weeks ago Jacob lost all use of his back legs. The vet had to operate - he had two fused vertebrae. They brought him to the Thanksgiving celebration at our other in-law's place today and poor wee Jacob has a catheter and a big row of staples down his back from the operation. I loved on him all day. They bought him a baby carriage so they can take him out for walks and they got a set of wheels and my sister-in-law fixed up a pair of baby overalls with velcro so they can put him in the harness.

Jacob is a special little guy in our lives and I would like to ask you all to send healing vibes and say prayers for him. I just spoke to them on the phone and they said the visit today and seeing all of us must have been good for him. Apparently he stretched out on the sofa while they were watching a movie when they got home and he moved his legs a tiny bit.
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Awwww heres sending many healing vibes to Jacob.
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I will definitely keep little Jacob in my thoughts and prayers!
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Sending heal fast vibes for Jacob
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Awww, mini dotsons are one of my favorites. I will keep him in my prayers and thoughts! Having one myself, I can imagine how hard this must be for them. As I'm sure you know, they are very different personality wise from other dogs. Such sweet little things! Many prayers and vibes coming Jacob's way!

Please keep us updated!!
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Awww...they are the cutest little dogs! Poor wee guy, I'm hoping he improves quickly and gain the use of his hind legs. At least he's being cared for wonderfully by your family.
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Vibes for a speedy recovery for Jacob!!! poor little guy
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If you can, we'd love to see pics!

Feel better, soon, Jacob!
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Fingers and paws crossed that little Jacob feels better. He sounds like such a great dog!
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sending lots of vibes to Jacob from across the ocean - stay strong little boy
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Lots of healing vibes & prayers for Jacob.
Feel better quickly sweetie pie.
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Awww, Jacob sounds like such a sweet little guy. Sending lots of vibes and prayers for him and his family.
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Sending lots of vibes for Jacob
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Sending many prayers and vibes for Jacob
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Thank you all for your healing vibes and prayers. I will try to get a picture of our sweet Jacob for you all. I love this little guy soooo much. I was kissing his little feet on Sunday and just giving him so much love. He feels like satin - he's so smooth and soft.
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I am so sorry to hear about Jacob. Sending lot of healing thoughts his way. I love the mini daushounds as well. They really are very sweet dogs.

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Awwww.....poor Jacob!! I'll be sending healing vibes to him.
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Jacob had his follow-up vet visit on Thursday for his operation. Unfortunately it looks as though Jacob will not regain use of his back end. My BIL and his wife have had a little cart made for him so he can get around. They said they want to give him the best they can for as long as they can. My SIL wasn't able to have children (which she loves) so Jacob is their baby. They are in a good position financially and will spend whatever it takes to keep sweet Jacob healthy and happy.

Thank you all for your prayers and healing vibes for our special little Jacob. Just know that he will be catered to and pampered for the rest of his natural life.
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I'm sorry things have not turned out as well as hoped for, for wee Jacob. Being proportionally so long in the spine I gather does set the breed up for back problems.

Those little dachsies are sweet little characters, aren't they? I read somewhere once a description of one as "a big dog in a little skin", and have always thought it really fit. Rob's sister has had dachsies for years, and they are sweethearts.

I'm glad Jacob is in a family situation where he can be pampered and given whatever it takes to keep him healthy and happy. Sorry I didn't see his thread sooner. Sending vibes for the best recovery he can have.
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Animals are so much more adaptable than us humans. I bet he will do great with his little cart.
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Precious Jacob is so loved my his family.
I hope that the cart give him some mobility.
Of course my prayers will continue for their darling boy.
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I am sorry I missed this (the first post was on our anniversary and I wasn't reading/posting that day). I grew up with mini-doxie's around, and really loved them...I am sorry to hear the paralysis is permanent.

But...the carts are amazing (I know of one company) and his spirit sounds up and wonderful.
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Thanks again folks for your good wishes and kind words. Yes, for sure Jacob is in a family of overwhelming love and kindness. He is pampered and spoiled completely (which is as it should be ). They have a multi-level house and so he gets carried around like the sweet baby he is. My SIL has been off work for a couple of months with a bad shoulder problem. She is a geriatric nurse so she's very able to care for Jacob, i.e., catheter, etc. She said she can't imagine leaving Jacob alone so if push comes to shove she will quit her job to be with him full time. How wonderful is that!

Yes, Jacob will have a good and loving life with these folks even if it's on two legs and two wheels.
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I just saw this thread. Bless your borther-in-law and sister-in-law for taking care of Jacob. I hope he hs a long and happy life.
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I just saw this thread today. God bless his little heart!
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The care this little guy is receiving is just wonderful! Bless them both for being such caring people and looking after him so well.
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I talked to my SIL tonight - Jacob is improving. He had a 15 minute hydrotherapy today and all four of his legs moved without missing a beat. He has the catheter out and is peeing on his own and will pee on demand when they take him outside. He still doesn't have control over his bowels and can be sleeping and have an accident. My SIL bought him doggie pants but they didn't fit quite right (Jacob is rather well-endowed for a little weiner dog ) so she uses a sanitary napkin to supplement the doggie pants and velcro's it on him. He can bear his weight on his back legs but sometimes falls over. He also still has some leaking of urine but overall he is coming along. Even the vet is amazed at how well he is doing.

They had a cart made for him but my BIL says it is too heavy for wee Jacob. These 2 people have gone above and beyond for this special little dog.

I suggested she might want to try the largest cat stud pants for him (I don't know if they would be any bigger but hey why not check it out).

He did get a UTI and is on Clavamox for that.

I swear the love, prayers and healing vibes from all you wonderful folks have been instrumental in Jacob's continuing recovery. Thank you all, each and every blessed one of you. You are what makes TCS so great!
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Oh I'm just seeing this about Sweet Jacob!! I will remember this sweet boy in my prayers...He might surprise everybody, the kind of love they are showing him can go a long way!!!
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Thanks for the update, Linda! I'm so glad to hear that Jacob is doing well.
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Linda, wondering if we could get an update on Jacob?
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