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kittens w/diarrhea

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i have 6 cats, two of my kittens have had diarrhea for 3 weeks now, they are 5 mos. and 3 1/2 mos old, i have taken them to the vet, had them dewormed, and they just finished 10 days of Flagyl that the vet prescribed. They dont act like they are in destress, they eat well, drink well and play. only the two of them have it, the vet did 2 stool samples to check for worms and nothing turned up. i have tried everything i know to do, any input would be appreciated. i heard you could give them metamucil (jellified in their food) and that might help, havent tried it yet though. They havent had any sudden change of food either. if anyone else has had any kind of problem like this and has any advice to offer, i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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We free feed our cats dry Nutro. Do you feed dry food or canned?
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Hi there - usually use Psyillium - it's taste less and you can mix it into their wetfood. Works wonders!!!!
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Did you tell the vet that the diarrhea is still present even after the 10 day course of flagyl is over? If not, do so asap. Diarrhea is serious, particularly in kittens. Another medication might be needed. There are other intestional parasites that can cause diarrhea in cats aside from the "common" worms, things such as giardia and coccidia. Ask your vet about tests for those. There are also other causes of diarrhea not involving parasites, such as irritable bowel, some sort of viral infection, toxoplasma, liver problems, etc. Pinpointing the cause of diarrhea can take some detective work by the vet, often needing some trial and error in treatment to help narrow down what the cause is. Of course, testing aids in this. Diarrhea is a symptom of a problem, not THE problem.

I would not give the cats anything until you get the ok from the vet. It sounds like they have some yet-to-be determined ailment and adding things like metamucil could be the wrong thing to do. It might not be the wrong thing, but I would want to hear it from the vet, since this is not some "casual" diarrhea situation.
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