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Tom Is Going To A New Home On Tues!!!

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You might be able to tell I am really really pleased about this!! he is actually going to one of my best mates who I have known for nearly 20 years - she has never been a cat person though, she is a dog person, but she works too much for a dog. She thought she worked too much for a cat, but she is out of hte house around the same amount of time that I am, so I am sure he will be fine with her. And she lives in a cottage that has 4 floors, so excellent for Tom - no other pets, and no cats that close by. She has been drawn to Tom most of the time I have had him, she showed an interest before, but they were just about to go on hol, so it got forgotten about, but she popped round earlier, and he was playing with her and sleeping next to her, so she asked how she could go about adopting him. Am really glad I have got a non cat lover to fall in love with a cat - she was really taken with teh kittens when I took her to the rescue with me as well, but thought a kitten woudl be too much. So, I will be saying bye to him after 14 months - the longest foster I have had, it will be weird.
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14 months is a long time to let go of a foster, but as long as you know Tom is going to a good home, that will help!
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IT is, but he sprays and fights here, so while he may gaze at me adoringly, I know he isn't truly happy, so i have to let him go - despite loving him to bits. it is all part and parcel of fostering though, but at least he is going to someone I have known for so long, so will be getting regular updates. And he was 8.96kg when he came, and he is now 6.75kg, so I have acheived my target of a 2kg weight loss - it was supposed to have been 3, but he can't lose much more weight without looking too thin.
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That's terrific! I recall your posting about him and his weight loss plan before. It's great that he's going someplace where you can keep tabs on him, and to somebody he already knows. WTG!
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It will be a sad & happy goodbye! Tom will be much happier in his new home, but after 18 months you must be so attached! Hopefully you will get to visit him often.
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Originally Posted by booktigger View Post
Am really glad I have got a non cat lover to fall in love with a cat - she was really taken with the kittens when I took her to the rescue with me as well, but thought a kitten woudl be too much.
I think the cats themselves have a way of making us fall in love with them. How many times have we heard on the boards - "I was never a cat lover until came into my life". I know I would have never considered a cat except when Skitters adopted me 20 years ago.

Good luck to Tom and may he be happy and content in his mansion by himself.
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That is such wonderful news for a beautiful kitty! Yay for your and your friend, and of course for Tom. Hopefully he will stop spraying in his new home. Be sure to tell her to restrict him to one room initially, so he has a comfy "safe" place of his own to start.

I am so happy for you all! I'm sure you will miss him, but at least you can visit him!
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Congratulations to all 3 of you.
Tom you are one lucky boy.
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Congrats on finding his new Meowmy.
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Yippy ... Way to go Tom and congrates ....
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Good for you Tom!!
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Oh that's fantastic! I'm so pleased that he'll be going to such a good friend too - you'll be able to see him too!

I'm sure I'll miss my snuggles with him when I visit though - as will you, I'm sure!
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What great news! And even better that you will still have contact with him
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Well, I have just had a phone call from my friend asking what i was doing tonight as she is missing Tom and wants to come and see him!! She has been shopping today and has bowl, tray, litter and food (she works in a Co-op!), just missing a carrier. sO, I am lending her mine so she can have him tonight - the way I see it is if they have a home to go to, they might as well go as soon as possible. Martha, one of my other fosters also got rehomed today (rather unexpectedly) so I have halved my numbers in about 12 days, I wont know what to do with all this spare time - well, except spend it on here!! Cant believe how everything has suddenly turned round.
Yep, we will both miss his snuggles I Think Sar!!
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Well, he has gone to start his new life. I am really really pleased for him, and even managed not to cry!! I Thought I would, with having him for so long. House feels really weird as I am down to 3 cats now, I dont remember the last time I had so few cats in the house actually, the last 6 months or so of last year they seemed to overlap quite a bit. This year has been quiet though, which is good in a way as I have had a lot of emotional issues with my permanent cats - think that is why fostering is easier for me, as they dont seem to have as many issues, and I am aiming for at least a two week break. But that does depend on if I can cope with so few cats.
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Awww....Tom is now in his forever home.

You have 3 fur kids that need your love now...
Thank you for doing this for Tom.
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I am so glad you found his a good home to go to and with him going to a friend of yours might make it easier and you get to visit too if the friend isnt to far away they can keep you updated too on how Tom is doing so that is good too.
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Congratulations to Tom on finding a forever home. It sounds like a wonderful situation for him plus you will still be able to see him and get updates about him.
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Thanks everyone - I have to say that I thought we were never going to find a home for him, and even my neighbour thought he would be with me until he died - which in a way made me more determined to find a home. I am incredibly pleased that we did, and I hope him and my friend are very happy together - I did get a text last night saying they had got home OK, and he had explored. So many things can change in my house now, we can finally have a covered tray, leave biscuits down all the time, not have to check where the neighbours cats are before letting him out, not having to worry about him spraying. I actually thought i might have bee slightly upset with them both going together, but I'm fine - apart from not sleeping too well, but that wont last long.
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Maybe I'll have to meet your friend too, so we can both get a Tom snuggle fix!

Oh gosh, I hadn't realsied that Martha unexpectedly went to her new home too!! Your house must be quiet!

I know they will both be as happy in their new homes as Annie is here! (she's getting chattier by the day! )
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Congrats on gettin ghome for both Tom & Martha!

So, when do you go get more kitties to foster?
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That wouldnt be too bad an idea - she lives in Oxenhope, it is lovely!!

Yep, the house is incredibly quiet. Although not had chance to catch up with the housework yet!!

As for the next fosters, I am determined to have a bit of a break as it has been a bad year, and we are supposed to be getting a 10 yo Bengal in at the end of the month whcih i feel would do better in a home environment than a cattery, so I am aiming to stay free for him. But, we do have interest in him already, so might not be with us long. And have a pick of a pure white, a tortie/tabby, a timid kitten - and they are just with us, never mind any phone calls we get.
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Oxenhope does look lovely!

How are your others taking to Tom and Martha not being there?

You can always do housework next week!

Gosh that's pretty fast that people are interested in the Bengal! Would be lovely if you could take on the tortie! It would be like you having a Molly in your house!

I hope you get the break you need though!
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Thats great news for Tom, i feel sure the spraying will stop in his new home.

Bless you for being there for so many waifs and strays
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It is!!

The house feels really weird and quiet at the moment. I should really be using this opportunity to blitz things, but with Pebbles and Tiger being under the weather, it puts me off, as I end up dejected and just want to come on here!! I think it is last June or July since I only had 3 cats in teh house, the minimum since then was 4, and the majority of the time has been 5 or 6, 5 being my limit!!!

Thanks VC, it is wonderful though, I do love it - I do have a pick of cats at the moment, but i think I need to wait till Pebbles and Tiger are 100% first. And I wont be having a black and white next, it could be a Bengal, a white or a tortie/tabby, as much as I like black and whites, I have had an awful lot of them, so it would be nice to have a change, esp as my two are black and white and pure black!!
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