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Sylornas Rescued Kittens

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Hi Hi!
I haven't gotten a good picture of more than these two yet, but I thought that they'd be a good start. Hoping to have more pictures, and maybe some nicknames soon (since we'll be having them for the next 6 weeks). Here's the two black and white spotted ones

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Aw. So cute.
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Awwww how tiny and sweet looking.
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awww! they're soo sweet!
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They are just precious! Bless you for caring for them.
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Jess, they are truly darling!
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They are so cute!
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Awwww the little cherubs
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what a cutieee..
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Hey guys! here's some more photos

"ahhh...this is the life! Can you rub some sunscreen on my back?" (Bam Bam)

"snoozing with mom after a bottle is the BEST" (Bear)

I love you (Pebbles and Peepers)

Carrier sweet carrier (from left to right: Bear, Peepers, Prince, Pebbles and Bam Bam)

They're growing sooo fast!
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One more addition I just found

"Mom, will you rub my belly? purr purr purr" (Peepers)
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Oh Sylorna - they're so tiny (despite having grown so much!!!!)!

I'm SO glad you rescued them - they would NOT have made it without you! I'm still amazed that they were alive after 24 hours without their mum!!!!!

(((((((((((hugs))))))))))) to you, your sister and your whole family!!!!

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these little guys are so cute! 6 weeks is too short, isn't it!
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Those pictures are absolutely adorable!!
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I got myself some new pictures of the kits today! They started to wean this weekend and so far so good. Anyway, on to the pictures.

Practice makes perrrfect (Bambam, Pebbles and Peepers)

Mom pile up!!! (Prince, Pebbles and Peepers)

I love my "lay-z-kitty" (Dynah, the kitty who used to be Bear but will be adopted by me with a name change)

Hey! Whatcha doin? (BamBam)

Hope you like them
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Aww. They are so adorable!
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Gosh they are adorable!!
Give them a kiss form me!
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Aren't they beautiful! Thanks for the picture updates. I'm glad you get to keep one baby.
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Awwww! They look so small and fragile. Such little sweeties!
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So, so precious And I can see the prints across our TCS hearts already
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So here are my little darlings at the age of 4 weeks. I took the photo's last week, which means we only have one week left. I'm so glad I get to keep one, and I hope my friend takes one too.
Peepers hangin out in a slipper

Group Shot

BamBam looking really cute

Final updates soon!
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They are just soo precious!
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My they've sure grown! They're all cute as buttons!!! I love kitties, especially little baby ones.

I'd never be able to foster cats because I have such a soft spot for them that I wouldn't be able to give them back and would end up with a million cats.

I admire those who have the will to foster though. Each of the babies who have foster mommies and daddies are sure lucky and loved
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Well, Pebbles and Peepers were dropped off at the OSPCA this afternoon, as agreed. It was really hard to do, and we miss them, but it's for the best. Turns out the cat who was in the window of the petstore where the OSPCA has a cage got adopted on Friday, and the cage will fit 2 kittens perfectly. I'm sure they'll find wonderful homes sooo quickly and hopefully they'll go to the same place. Bambam (now renamed Moo) and Prince (renamed Noir) are staying with us until their new owners finish their remodelling. They will be going to the same house. Dynah will be with me, and you'll be seeing lots of pictures of her over the years.
So here are some pictures of Pebbles and Peepers last night with us.

My sister and I with our little ones.

Pebbles glamour shot

Peepers asking to come onto the bed

Please send them some Happy adoption vibes.
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