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Vibes Needed

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Ok, this might be confusing but here goes.
Wednesday of last week we went and did an estimate for a roof for our mechanic. The next day I dropped off the written estimate Thursday and he said it looked good, good price and all that and to call him Monday for the deposit.
I called him Monday and no answer so I left a message. Knowing this customer wants to get this done ASAP I called him again today. Again, no answer.
He just called me and said he had been out of town since Mon. morning. It turns out he got a call from his son in New Jersey saying his grandson was sick. Apparently he's been sick since he was 3. He has lukemia and been going through chemo since he was 3. He's now 5. They gave the baby 2 weeks to live. He's had 2 bone marrow transplants w/o success. His father is a nurse and is in absolute shambles over this.. as I am too. I couldn't imagine losing one of my children. I don't know if I would even be able to cope with it.
Please keep this baby and his family in your thoughts and prayers. I don't even know this family or this child but I am so heartbroken for them.
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for this family. Miracles do happen!
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OMG!! How sad for that family to be going through.It is hard to loose an adult,I can't imagine a child.
MANY prayers for all of them.
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Sending many prayers and strong vibes to their family
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Gosh, that is every parent's worst nightmare. Prayers for this family.
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Tons of prayers headed their way.........
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Lots of vibes and prayers from over here {{{{}}}}
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