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A bed without kitties is no bed at all.

Tiger, Tom & Pebbles will be in my prayers as you sort this out.
Lots of calming vibes coming your way.
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Still sending lots of vibes for Tiger and you.
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I'm still sending vibes your way. You've certainly had a time of it with the kitties!
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It certainly isn't!!! I hate not sleeping with so many cats!! Tom is fine today, he is eating normally - ie pinching what he shouldn't, so he may have had some of Tigers meds!! PEbbles is preferring dry food to wet, which is what happened last time she wasn't well.
It certainly has been a bad 10 days - but I did have some good news this pm, so at least I have a smile on my face now!!
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At least Tom is eating well...
now on with the Tiger & Pebbles problem.
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Yep, one down, two to go!!
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Oh you're having a time of it at the moment!

I'm so pleased that Tom is eating again and hope that they all slept with you last night!

Sending continued }}}VIBES{{{ to Tiger and Pebbles
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Well, Pebbles doesnt have a temp, anything wrong with her heart or lymph nodes, so the vet said that we basically sit on it for 2 weeks and then recheck her temp etc before doign blood tests. not sure if I am happy with that though, but she is fine in herself.
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Some potentially serious heath issues have been ruled out.
That is good news but I understand how you feel about waiting to do the blood work.

Even though labs can be expensive, I feel that a full blood panel is one of the first things that should be done when a kitty is showing symptom of illness.
How long has it been since Pebbles had blood work done?

I am glad that she seems to be feeling better.
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I'm glad Pebbles seems to be feeling fine in herself

I can see your concern with waiting two weeks! I would have thought a couple of days would have been more appropriate if you were going to do observations.

More Healthy }}}VIBES{{{ heading Pebbles' way!
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Things are just getting better!! Came home to some diarrhea, but didn't know if it was PEbbles or Molly till I was cleaning the trays and Pebbles had another bout in front of me. The receptionist/vet nurse has told me to give her bland food tonight, and if she isn't firm by tomorrow to take her up. Tiger isn't eating large amounts in one go, but does finish her food over hte course of a day/night, so I hope it is just cos she has had meds in most of her food!! Dont know if this is someone reminding me why I am having a couple of weeks break, or someone saying 'ha, you think your having a break??'!!!!
Re blood tests - she last had some in Feb, but would need to check with my old vet if they were full or just a special kidney one, as that is why she was being tested - cost me enough, so I hope it was a full one!! The time before that was last August, so I might just ask for them to be done anyway - she is insured, so I might actually be able to get the insurance to pay for this, if she is actually ill. I think my old vets would have treated this differently, as they know that she is a very sickly cat.
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You are such a good Mommy.
Precious Pebbles & Tiger will be in my prayers as you look for answers.
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Thanks, it really does mean a lot. It just seems to be one thing after another with her, and I constantly worry cos sooner or later we will come up against something she can't beat. I doubt this will be it though.
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Managed to get her in at the old vets, her and Tiger are up at 6.20. A quick glance at the tray seemed to show she was doing better, but there was slight traces of blood and she went in front of me and more blood. I haven't given her any tea, and she has only had bout 3/4 pouch sensitivity food today, haven't given her any dry, and didn't want to overload her system by giving her as much wet as she wanted.
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Vet couldn't find much wrong with Tiger, although I had taken her meds up with me and the old vet recommended I discontinued the Rimadyl and couldn't understand testing for FIV. So, as she is eating something and on meds, I am to see how she goes - tried her with a few things, and seh is eating JWB dry, as long as it isn't mixed with HiLife!!! I do have some tins of complete fish HiLife left, will give her that tomorrow, and I do have a/d in, might try that tomorrow too. She even let someone in the waiting room stroke her!!
Pebbles was dehydrated, so the vet gave her 120ml of fluids, a shot of Vit B (she went to a cat congress in Rome recently, and they have done lots of studies that show it is the best thing for diarrhea),a shot of something else and a course of Synulox in case it is similar to whatever Tiger had, plus keep her on the senstivity food, although I forgot to ask how long for. She was her usual aggressive, non co-operative self - dont recall the vet taking her temp, but not surprised really - she felt her tummy and it was very tender, and with diarrhea for at least 24 hours, I doubt Pebbles would have let us!!
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Awww Pebbles was dehydrated from the poopies.
I am sending both fur babies strong healthy vibes.
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She still has a runny bum unfortunatlely, but isn't going as often, so hopefully that is a good sign. Picking up some of the dry sensitivity food tomorrow, she does like the wet fortunately. IF she is dehydrated in the morning, I shall take her with me and see if they can just give her some more fluids. have added a bit of normal food into her supper for her, to see how she goes on, as the poor thing is starving on this sensitivity food. I have isolated her so I know just what she has eaten and produced, and also so that Molly isn't coming into contact with her diarrhea - I let her on the bed when I am on the comp as she hates being cooped up.
Tiger and Molly aren't eating as quick as they used to, but I am hoping that it is just because I can leave dry food down all the time, so they dont have to rush to eat them.
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Oh, just seen your update!

Sorry to hear that Pebbles is having tummy issues, I hope that it is beginning to calm down and she isn't dehydrated

I agree that with Tom not attempting to gobble Molly's and Tiger's food, they probably are taking their time over it!

Good luck if you have to go to the vets today, I'll be thinking of you!
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She doesn't have as much diarrhea, but it is still diarrhea, no sign of any normal poo's yet!! Can't tell if she is dehydrated or not - if you pinch one part it snaps back, one part doesn't. And her third eyelids are still up, although maybe not as much. So, we are going to the vet at 11.20, I want to be on the safe side with it being weekend, would prefer to go to the normal vets today than the emergency vets tomorrow!! She is fine in herself though, interacting with me and annoyed at being isolated and attacks when I put her back in the bathroom!!
i hope so - that or as they have a bowl of biscuits, they can graze so not as hungry at mealtimes - they could have eaten mins before I got home!!
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Oh dear, I hope that all goes well at the vets and they discover that it's something simple - no more than an upset tummy!

It's good to hear that she's acting herself though! I can just imagine her annoyance at having to be confined to the bathroom though!

Yeah, that's very true about them eating just before you get home, I can just imagine how funny they must find it when you're concerned that they aren't eating when it's feeding time!

Sending many Health }}}VIBES{{{ to Pebbles!
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Just checking in to see how the vet trip went.
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Hope all is well!
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Luckily the Sat vet was my normal one - she is still gassy, she had 180ml of fluid (vet didn't really want to hospitalise her to put her on a drip, she knows how bad a patient Pebbles is - I have some lovely scratches on me at the moment from her), another jab of something, and we tried to give her some new meds, but the vet could'nt get them down her, so decided I wouldn't be able to!! I asked her to weigh her for me, as she is feeling bony, and she hasn't lost any weight really. No poos during hte day, so hopefully that is a good sign. Shall still be confining her when I am not around so I know exactly what she is eating, drinking and producing. Have another app for Mon in case things aren't better - but am sure I am supposed to be at the dentist at hte same time, might need to re-arrange one of them, prob mine!! The good thing in all this is that she is eating well - she loves the sensitivity wet, she wolfs it down!! If she wasn't eating, then I think the vet would have done something more - I was half expecting them to hospitalise her though, and I think if it hadn't been my vet who saw her on Thurs they may have done.
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WEll, there has been some proper poo in her tray overnight, so hopefully it ins't just a one off!! And Tiger's eating is a lto better - she has finished her meds now. She does seem to prefer dry food, but she seems to only eat it when it is purely JWB (she came on Go-Cat, so I had a mix of that, HiLife and JWB, and was weaning her off the GoCat, so she has done me a favour!!), but will try her on purely HiLife later. I dont mind if she only wants the JWB though, I have quite a bit left and the boys have both gone - it is senior, so the girls can't have a lot of it, as I need to maintain their weight and not risk them losing anymore.
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Things are sounding a little better for both kitties.
Keep improving babies.
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They are - she has had semi solid poos since yesterday evening, so I am going to cancel tonights app, and make a provisional one for tomorrow just in case it gets worse. when I ring for Tiger's results, I am going to cancel her next app at the weight clinic, I think the poor thing has had enough vet visits.
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I'm so pleased to hear that the poo is becoming more solid!

I hope you get Tiger's results today! Fingers crossed that they are negative!

Continued health and healing }}}VIBES{{{ heading to Tiger and Pebbles
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Me too!!

Only her FIV results have come back (the ones I dont care about really!!), so they were giong to ring them and chase the others, so I have to ring back tomorrow - which I am not too happy about really, I feel it should be her ringing me, how am I supposed to know when she has got through to them?? Oh well, will have to hope my bosses nip out tomorrow so I can use the phone!!
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I hate waiting for lab results...
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ME too - have rang the vets twice today, and they still haven't had them back from Glasgow yet, so I have to ring at lunchtime tomorrow, am getting really fed up of waiting now - didn't have any of these probs with Pebbles!!
Took her back as her third eyelids are still up - she is only on the verge of dehydration, and seeing as she has got to the stage where just getting her out of hte carrier results in her sinking her teeth in (she has had 4 visits in a week), the vet decided to give her a couple more days - she is eating well, but still quite gassy. So more sensitivity food, and if no better by Thurs, we will consider tests but she is so temperamental they would end up having to sedate her (and more than one of them for that - when she had a drip for her amputation they had to sedate her for that - they didn't tell me that one at the time!!), which isn't good as she has always been sickly yet no tests have found out why, and at her age and her history, I dont want her sedating more than necessary - she has had 4 plus 2 anaesthetics this year alone.
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