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Ginger (and TCS) made the paper!

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After Heidi (valanhb) adopted Ginger, I asked my editor if I could write something about this sweet little cat that touched the hearts of so many people.

Since all of you were so much a part of Ginger's journey home, just wanted to share this with you. It's running in the 10/6 issue of the Catholic Telegraph (the newspaper for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati). It won't be on our website, so here's the story:

Lessons from the animals

The Catholic Moment

By Eileen ********, OSU

“Not to hurt our humble brethren (the animals) is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission, to be of service to them whenever they require it.”

These words from St. Francis of Assisi were of particular significance to me on his feast day this year (Oct. 4) after my recent and rather reluctant involvement in the rescue of very special cat that ended up touching the hearts of people all over the world.
In looking back, it was one of those situations that I can good-naturedly “blame” on God. I didn’t really want to get involved but, as so often happens, He had other plans. Thanks to the example of my parents, who taught my brothers and me to have compassion for all God’s creatures, human and animal, my life has been blessed by the companionship of numerous furry friends. I’m currently proudly owned by four (yes, four) of the sweetest, funniest cats around.
With their help, as well as by establishing some invaluable connections with other local animal lovers, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about responsible pet ownership and care over the years. So, when my family gathered to celebrate my grandmother’s 94th birthday in early August and my cousin made mention of a young, stray cat that had been begging for food in her backyard, I offered to help. How can you refuse to come the aid of anyone, be it a person or animal, when you have the ability to be of service?
So the scrawny creature, a dilute calico whom we suspected had been
abandoned, came home with me that night for some initial care. She then went back to my cousin, who agreed to keep her until a home was found. Before long, I was posting flyers of Ginger at my vet’s office and local pet stores, spreading the word about her wherever I went and, of course, praying to St. Francis to find a good home for the sweet creature, who been so callously tossed aside. I also posted on The Cat Site, a website for cat lovers. I didn’t expect to find Ginger a home there, but knew I could count on this wonderful community to send their prayers her way.
As fate (a.k.a. God) would have it, one of the site moderators who’d been searching for another cat happened to read my post and responded that she would love to have Ginger. The only problem was that she lives in Colorado. I half-jokingly contacted Heidi to see whether she would be interested in adopting Ginger if we could arrange transport. After discussing it with her husband, Heidi agreed.
“There was something about Ginger, from 1000 miles away that grabbed me,” she said. “Ginger is a ‘fate’ kitty. She was simply meant to be with us and be a part of our family.”
Was it crazy to consider sending a cat from Cincinnati to Denver? Sure it was, but doesn’t God sometimes ask us to do things that to may seem farfetched or even impossible? That’s when we need to rely on faith, and so it was with Ginger’s journey.
As we finalized the arrangements to get Ginger to her new home, she came to stay with me. Having her around for those two weeks was a gift. She turned out to be one of the most happy, adaptable and grateful creatures that has ever come my way. She was so eager to love and so thankful for every kindness shown to her. I know plenty of people, myself included, who could learn from her example.
Ginger left for her new home early on Sept. 22, with people across the United States, Canada, Europe and beyond praying for her safe travels and monitoring The Cat Site for news of her arrival. It brought tears to my eyes to think of how God brought people together out of concern for one animal. If only we could manage to unite in such a way on some the issues and challenges facing our communities, our nation and our world, think what could be accomplished!
Since Ginger arrived in her new home, I’ve been receiving heartwarming updates and photos from her proud and happy new owners. The most touching read, “This cat has more love in her little body than she knows what do with.”
God knows it. St. Francis knew it, and we, as humans, need to recognize it. There is much to be learned from the animals, our humble brethren, and we have long way to go in learning to care for them (and each other) with the compassion and respect that God calls us to give all His creatures.
Thanks, Ginger, for the reminder.
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Wow Eileen, that is wonderful!!!
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Isn't that wonderful, congratulations It would be so great if we all could make a difference in the lives of so many babies that don't have anyone to care for them... But there's one less Baby that has to be counted in that circle, and that's Thanks to alot of people We kniow we can't save them all but lets save all we can...Great Story
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That made me cry, but in a good way
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What a wonderful story, Eileen!! It made me cry...I'm just SO happy for little Ginger! As the meowmy of three wonderful boys who were discarded like trash (Forest was literally dumped in a dumpster), Ginger's story totally warms my heart. I just LOVE a happy ending!
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Beautiful story Eileen! Hopefully it will touch the hearts of others and influence more cat adoptions!
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Awww! That was awesome, thank you for sharing it with us!!! And, of course, for all that you did to help Ginger find her way to Heidi!!!
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Truly wonderful story!!!!
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That is beautifully written Eileen! I got the goose bumps!!!
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Oh that was so beautifully written, right from your heart. It brought tears to my eyes, thanks for sharing that!
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That's a great article, Eileen, and bound to touch the hearts of those who read it. And what a perfect time to post it: October 4th is World Animal Day! So Ginger is now TCS's "covergirl" for this special day.
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Fabulous article Eileen, exceptionally well-written! Yeah for Ginger!
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Another pair of leaky eyes here! Lovely story, Eileen. Of course, we know most of it, but I'm glad others will, too, now.
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Thanks, guys!

Ginger's sweet nature and unconditional love really inspired me. I'd been struggling with my cat involvement in the past few months and she came along at just the right time. All cats (and all of God's creatures) are special, but Ginger really touched my heart, as did your love and concern for her. You guys are truly wonderful!
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This gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. I have said it before and I know I shall say it again, the people of TCS are the best people there are, hands down.
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Originally Posted by gayef View Post
I have said it before and I know I shall say it again, the people of TCS are the best people there are, hands down.
yes too that!!
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Those are such heartwarming words you wrote. Bless you, Heidi and Ginger!
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Being a member of this forum is a real pleasure and an honour
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I've read the article before now, and it still brought tears to my eyes. Ginger really is that sweet. And now more people can be inspired to action by my little Ginger-Cookie (that's what Eileen called her, and it stuck. She's sweeter than any cookie I've ever had! ).

Now if we could just convince Ophelia that Ginger is that sweet, we'd really be doing good!
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Ginger's journey is already an inspiration to so many.
Now thanks to your article Eileen, more people will know what the love of a little kitty can accomplish....a miracle.

Eileen & Heidi....
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That's wonderful, Eileen! Very moving, heart-warming and exceptionally well-written. Congratulations!
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What a great story!!! Aw, I never knew Ginger's story before
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That is so sweet! Ginger's story really is inspirational.
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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
Ginger's journey is already an inspiration to so many.
Now thanks to your article Eileen, more people will know what the love of a little kitty can accomplish....a miracle.
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Even though I already knew Ginger's story your article brought tears to my eyes. It is truly and wonderful and inspiring story.
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That was lovely Eileen
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Beautifully written, Eileen - you were truly inspired as you wrote it And in my heart, I know that others will respond to your wisdom, and many more kitties and others in need will be blessed because of the wonderful acts of loving kindness that were involved in the rescue and rehoming of Ginger. i would love to see the story get more coverage - it is such an inspiration.
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