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Great pet food store experience!

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I went along to Pet Food Express today since I’m getting low on dry food for the girls and want to change them over to a raw/more natural diet. I’ve been there a few times over the last few weeks, initially to get food for Smudge, and the lady who helped me was very knowledgeable in kitten fostering, and had great ideas on how to get her weight up – which worked a treat! I saw her last week to get more food, and afterwards I realised she’d given me a discount both times! Today I had someone else, and after talking to him for a bit, I looked at his name tag and realised he was the guy who adopted a gorgeous pit bull who’d been at the shelter for ages. This dog was just gorgeous, a real sweetheart, but nobody wanted her because she was a pit bull. He saw past the breed and fell in love with her – so we all thought he was wonderful!

Anyway, so he was also really knowledgeable and showed me the frozen raw food, and suggested I try a supplement that’s supposed to help clean their teeth, and also said I should give them the Natures Variety dry to help switch them over to the raw (also Nature’s Variety) and also alternate dry with raw anyway. He asked about my kitties, and I told him about Smudge as well as the 2 girls, and when he was putting it through he said “I’ll give you the dry for freeâ€. How nice is that??? The dry food was $13, and the other food only came to $25, so it’s not as though I spent an absolute fortune there and he was just doing something nice.

I think he did it because I volunteered at the shelter, and knew his dog. I was so impressed He certainly made sure I shop there from now on! They are a little more expensive, but the discounts they’ve given me so far more than make up for it!
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cool. I love mom-and-pops b/c they know their stuff and people are usually really knowledgable.
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My local stores are all like that - one of them always throws a bag of treats in for the boys or a pot of catgrass and another always gives discounts or just 'forgets' to scan everything
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The only place I can find Innova Evo was out on Monday, and when we went in on Tuesday, we were told the 15lb bags were on backorder. So, we got a discount on the two 6.6lb bags of Evo. Brandon's sister gets all her reptile food from there as well.
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What a great place to shop! Things like that are what keep customers coming back!
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