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Crazy Siamese kitten (with pic)

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Hi there!

We got a Siamese kitten a couple of months ago, I hadn't done any research about the breed, we bought her on an impulse. We'd been wanting a second cat for a while though, we'd adopted a stray tabby cat two years prior and it had/has been a wonderful experience, apart from some health issues he's had he hasn't given us any trouble.

So we brought home this kitten and all the differences with Taby were obvious from day one! She was more cuddly and less skittish than Taby was, but probably because he hadn't had much contact with people early on either. I've found out a lot of things she does are typical of her breed.

She cries ALL the time. Sometimes it's hard to tell what she wants. I keep her in a room during the day and leave her out to roam the house at night. She just walks around crying and it's gotten SO loud lately! You'd think she was being hurt or something. Does this get better with time? I think maybe she wants to go outside. Taby is indoor/outdoor but we keep him in when we go to sleep. Taby hardly ever meows, only when he really wants to get your attention or wants food.

She's so wild! I don't think Taby was like this as a kitten, but I think we've given her more freedom too. She walks in the kitchen (which we've taught her not to do, and she won't when we're there) and eats the bread, opens the plastic around stuff and eats what's inside. She's broken about 5 glass objects in the last 3 days! I swear she must do it on purpose, lol 'cause some of the stuff isn't light and things aren't exactly near the edge of the tables.

She must get bored during the day, but it's good that she has Taby and plays with him quite a bit. He's very patient. He'll be eating and she'll come in and push him aside (she's always hungry) and he'll just sit there and watch.

She's a kitten - please do tell me she'll calm down with age. She's 5 months old, so at 6 or 7 she'll get spayed. Is it an easy procedure to recover from? I'm worried about that. She's quite small too I think, compared to Taby at that age.

Here are some random pics. In most I don't think you can really see just how small she was/is!

She'll start to annoy him, then he'll suddenly play too rough and she will run and hide!

Crying, as usual.

Chocolate or seal point? I was told choc, but I reckon she's a seal point.

Taby usually won't allow this, they were terrified at the vet's
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Did someone not tell you Siamese are notorious talkers
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Shes so cute! Seal Point I also think she is. And Siamese kittens are a very, very ! active breed. More so then most breeds of cats.Their more agile can climb most anything and usually do.Most are quite the talkers.I find that they are very people oriented cats they want to be with you and be noticed..Yes they will calm down as they get older. Do you have some toys for her? Toy mice ect? they do like to play with toys.
Spaying is always a worry. Recovery time is not that long.You do need to try and keep her quiet for a few days and not let her lap excessiely at her stitches.
Siamese are my favorite breed of cats. I'm owned by 4 siamese now. And have had Siamese cats since I was a teenager
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Siamese are usually real talkers and they have a very distinct voice that I don't believe any other cat has. They are usually very intelligent, people oriented cats and they will get into trouble if they get bored. I have been kind of thinking about getting a Snowshoe cat. They are the result of cross breeding that includes the Siamese. From what I have read they are still talkers but not usually as loud and they tend to be a little more laid back. A Siamese makes a wonderful pet but you will have to accept that he will be a talkative cat with a voice that is loud for a cat.
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Siamese truly can be annoying little cat-like substances, can't they? *wink*

All kidding aside, she is quite lovely - I love her little pixie face. She sounds like a handfull, but honestly, this is what most people who appreciate Siamese want in a cat. Their personalities can vary from cat to cat, but as a general rule, they are active, athletic, curious, very, very social beasts ... they live for attention and they bond extremely closely with their people and animal companions. You mentioned that she is confined to a room during the day - may I ask if she is alone in that room all day? If so, then it is clear to me that she is bored, lonely, needs more room to run and stretch her developing muscles. It sounds to me like she is desperately seeking attention in the only ways she knows how; vocalization and wild, destructive behavior. If her needs are not met - adequate bonding time with her humans and animal companions, a wide variety of ever-changing, new and interesting toys, places to run, climb, jump and exercise her body - then it is possible that she will resort to even worse negative behaviors ... she may become even more destructive, she may develop inappropriate litter box habits, or she may even just give up, stop eating and pine away. I am not kidding here - to a Siamese cat, solitary confinement is tantamount to torture and I have seen a few actually resign from life, stop eating, get very, very sick and a couple of those few have actually willed themselves to die.

My suggestion to you is to spend a LOT of time with her ... talk to her too. It doesn't matter about what - just the sound of your voice will interest her and draw you to her. Use a calm, gentle voice, I call it "The Kitty Voice", and sing to her, ask her questions, meow back to her, hold epic conversations with her. Take my word for it when I tell you that she wants you to simply adore her and will go to great lengths to ensure that happens. Get one of those fun fishing-pole type toys and wear her little brown butt out with it a couple of times a day. Leave her out to roam the house (just make certain someone is there to supervise until they both determine their "place") and let her make whatever peace or war she will with your other cat - they have to duke it out (unless blood is being drawn or there is a real risk of someone being harmed) amongst themselves.

My dear, welcome to the wonderful world of being owned by a Siamese. It is a shame no one warned you in advance of taking her home. But, it is my educated guess that you will (before you even realize it) grow to love this cat as you have never loved another animal before. Siamese have this unique way of wrapping their paws around your heart and hanging on forever more. She is young yet ... a mere kitten. Enjoy this time of her youth - protect and kitten-proof your home - but enjoy her. She will mature all too quickly and you will find that you actually miss her kittenish ways.

From the pictures you have posted, I would say she is a Seal Point and will grow considerably darker as she matures. She will probably do quite well after her spay surgury provided she is given a warm, safe place to recover. You might want to invest in an extra-large dog crate to confine her (out in the open ~with~ her people and animal companions) so as to limit her activity levels for a few days after the procedure.

Please feel free to contact me privately (as you have already done) any time you have questions or need encouragement. I love this breed and am happy to help anyone who is interested in them. This link will take you to a post about Siamese from some time ago, but there is a lot of good information about the breed there. I hope it helps you.

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Hi Mithrellas,

Your kitten is adorable! I'm sure she's not done anything we humans may think of as "naughty" on purpose. We have two Siamese and they are the most athletic, active cats I have ever seen. In fact my Topaz is 6 months old and she has just been spayed and is recovering from her surgery really well. I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about that.
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She is GORGEOUS! Everything you have said in your post just says typical siamese to me. They are naturally very loud and vocal cats and she'll really enjoy it if you talk to her a lot. My moggy kitten has some siamese in him and he is very athletic and energetic and an amazing climber.

About things getting knocked over and broken - I can sympathise, I really can! My kitten takes great joy in knocking items off shelves one by one and watching them fall, then jumping down and playing with them. Really the only thing you can do is make sure anything precious is put somewhere the kitten can't get to.

Part of what you describe is kitten behaviour, and yes she will calm down a bit as she gets older, but as a Siamese will always be louder, more energetic, and want lots of attention from you.
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Just my 2 cents - Gaye is absolutely spot on. You will become a slave to the Siamese cat. Once you have ever had one in your life, your life will seem meaningless without another. I love all cats (in fact all animals), but my love for Siamese surpasses all expectations. Although our Bijou isn't terribly vocal and Mika has no voice (a birth defect), the rest of their behaviour is all Siamese. My husband was not a big cat fan, but I tell you he is definitely now a Siamese fan. He adores Bijou and Mika and spends a great deal of time talking to them and holding them.
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According to Kittens for Dummies, Siamese are the most active and the most vocal of all the breeds. This is just exactly what I WANTED in a cat, but my wife won out in the end, opting for one that requires lots of daily grooming, which the Siamese does not, and guess who ends up DOING all the grooming? Anyway, sounds like you have a pretty normal cat and it looks like the cat he is hugging agrees! By the way, look at my cat below and you will see the exact same coloring and marking known as seal point. Persian cats were bred to Siamese only for the purpose of picking up this color and called Himalayan for some obscure reason.
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Cute kittens. But she's doing NORMAL siamese type of things. Siamese are VERY talkative (I think they just like to hear themselves talk ). They are VERY active cats too, so the getting into things, etc. is typical of the breed. Most of the oriental types (siamese, orientals, rexes) behave that way.

Siamese also mature early, so it could be she is coming into heat at 5 months old - I'd get her a spay appointment sooner then the 6-7 months - if she gets out now, she could get pregnant.

As far as settling down, she may a bit, but most times they are pretty active thru out their entire lives. I've had rexes in their teens race around the house playing like kittens

BTW - she's a seal point - chocolate point would be a lot lighter color.
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#1 way to wear out a cat:


I got one and my cat would chase it around the house for 10 minutes straight, non-stop!!! It was worth the 10 minutes of non-stop racket though because then I got about 10 hours of non-stop silence! LOL!

It's a life/glass/and all-other-fragile-things saver! You can get them anywhere!
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Your baby is so cute, I forgot how the "mask" looks when they are young. As for the spaying, any surgery, is a worry, but she should do fine with you taking care of her.
Yes, Siamese can be talkative, my Clio isn't at all, but my "grandcat" Isabella is coming next week for a three week visit, and she is a major talker and climber.
Just one thought though, could she be in heat now? Have the vocalizations gotten worse lately? I just went through this with Pru who was thought to be spayed and turned out not to be. I got NO sleep one night and we went to the vets the next day, it was that bad.
Anyway, enjoy her, there really is no other cat like a Siamese. By the way, what did you name her, I didn't see it in your post?
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Hi there we're so happy to welcome you and your gorgeous kitties to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

You might try posting your question in the behaviour forum - but this sounds like it might be pretty typical behaviour for a Siamese. They are known to be very vocal and active. As long as you are sure she isn't in distress or ill, it shouldn't be anything to worry about.

The ornament thing! Oh yes, we figured out about that one with our Singapuras We had a ornaments everywhere before Lily and Tolly - our other three kitties never touched them. Lily and Tolly are full of Singapura spirit and have managed to make sure that most surfaces are clear of ornaments.

I have a couple on my study windowsill, but they are held down with blu-tack
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I got my siamese mix at 4months old, she is now 3yrs old. She has calmed down a lot but she's still pretty wild and kitten-like. Last time I was on vacation she managed to break a huge glass vase I had on the coffee table.

So I guess my answer is mixed, it gets better with time but this is typical siamese behavior. Viola is also very affectionate and sweet so it's worth it.

What a beautiful kitty-Good luck.
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Oh yes, one other thing I forgot to mention - if she is talking more than usual and seems like she might be trying to get out, are you sure that she isn't in heat?

It seems like she might be in the "time window" for her first heat being roughly around 6 months in age. If so, take care to make sure she doesn't escape before you manage to get her spayed.

Good luck.
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Welcome to TCS! Your kitties are adorable! Siamese are very vocal, aren't they! But so beautiful! Both of your kitties are gorgeous! I look forward to seeing you on the forums!
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Howdy you three!

Welcome and hope you enjoy the forum and site as much as we do! We are 9! rescued, indoor-only, spayed/neutered adult cats, of just about every conceivable age, size, color, coat length/pattern, and purrsonality! Oh, and our humble servant. We have this to say about that: Yes, your kitten will probably mellow with time, though meezers ARE very demanding, very loud, and they love attention! It's so good that Taby tolerates this little ball of fun; I can tell by the pix that she IS quite a live wire! She may quiet down with time, too; or she may not! Meezers are THE talkers of the cat world, and actually, a lot of us love that quality in them. She looks like a chocie-point to us...

Wonderful pix! Thanks for sharing!
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I just wanted to say Hello and welcome you here. As Flisssweetpea said your girl could be in heat. You should really try to get her spayed now. Shes old enough.

This pic is adorable !!!

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Thanks for all the replies!

I guess I can deal with an active and vocal cat, it's just that she seems extra hyper atm but I'm sure that's got a lot to do with her still being a kitten. She's behaved a bit better the last day, she just had a bad couple of days I guess. Hmm I did think of her being in heat, but she didn't have any more 'symptoms' that I noticed, only being *extra* loud. And I think she wanted to get out 'cause I'd let her out for a bit, with me always behind her of course, and she probably wanted to run in the garden again...

But I'm definitely taking her next month. Is it true that it stunts their growth? Just something I heard. Will she gain weight? With Taby he didn't gain weight when he was neutered when he was 6 months old too.

Tarasgirl, a choc point you think? Cool. She just looks quite dark sometimes, but in the light it's brown..

I noticed I never mentioned her name, it's Fiona.
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By accident I have two threads, one here and one in the newbies section, if anyone could merge them that'd be great.

Thanks for all the info! It's good to know she's just acting normal, which I sort of assumed, it just surprised me 'cause she's turned out to be so different from what I'd been used to.

But I love her to bits already. She drives me nuts after a while, but I can't wait to get home and see her. I really don't think she's lonely or depressed, altho she does spend a bit of time on her own during the day. She already adores Taby and they play non-stop, even if she runs away and hides when he gets over excited with the playing.

Besides all the breaking of things, screaming at night there are many cute things she does. Like she likes to sleep in one of my drawers in my closet, but not the bottom, the second from top to bottom! It's hilarious to watch her climb and get into that one. It's her 'safe place'. I let my little cousin into my room to show her the cat, Fiona ran and started climbing that as fast as she could. LOL

I hope I can educate her not to eat the food in the kitchen at least. She seems stubborn at times but she *does* learn.

Her screaming has gotten a bit better, but for a couple of days there it was awful. We'll take her as soon as we can.

Gaye, thanks for your post in particular. I do think she's getting all that you mention. I let my door open at night too so she gets to play with Taby, roam the house (it's quite a big house, internal 'gardens' etc) and bug me as well. Oh and I talk to her all the time, which I probably thought of as silly before but can't help do it with the cats! Kitty voice and all, it comes natural.

Thanks guys!
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Ive got a mixed kitty who's got some siamese in him.
He is a handful. I mean every other minute he is getting into something or climbing up something. way opposite of my Mikey.

I too feel ya on your problems. Although my kitten is vocal, I associate his behavior with that not only of a kitten but of a siamese breed.

Lets give it some time.

I hear nothing but boasting about the breed.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!

see you on the forums!
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Your baby is precious. There is nothing like Siamese, although I may be bias. I can relate to Yosemite. I had to bargain with my husband to get our first Siamese. But now, he will debate with me insisting she is his cat. They have a way with their people. They make you fall hard for them. Enjoy her.
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She's adorable, and a real siamese.

As for eating what is on the counter, I learned from experience with my first siamese (Joss) not to leave any food on the counters, at any time, unless I'm in the kitchen. And I also trained him (and now Mily) with a water gun, very efficient and not painful (just wet )

I have an older (1.5 years old) cat, and he does play rough with Mily, but it's getting better and better with time. When she first got here I never left them alone, and whenever I heard her cry out, or noticed that he was getting excited I would calmly tell him "No, gentle, it's a baby". And now (she's 5 months old) it happens rarely , and she's big enough (and quick enough) to get out of the way.

She loves to play with him, and they sleep together all the time.

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Oh Mily is gorgeous, what an elegant head she has!
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Mily is a beautiful girl.

But I must disagree with spraying with water. If water should get in their ears they can get a very serious infection. Please don't spray with water.
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Hi again!

Fiona is gorgeous! And no, spaying WON'T stunt their growth. She won't get fat, either, unless she exercises too little and/or eats too much. Those are things YOU can help her with, by seeing to it that she doesn't overeat, and by playing with her (interactive "wand" type toys like Da Bird and Feline Flyer are wonderful ways to share quality time with your furbaby and if you're tired out from work or whatever, you can always sit while SHE does the flying!
You'll love her playful behavior with one of these toys...and she'll never tire of it! My 16+-year-old still has plenty of "kitten" in him when Da Bird comes out...You can get these toys through any "pet" supply store or check out some of the businesses advertising on this site! We love Plain Brown Tabby...
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Ah, you just gotta love a Siamese kitten with tons of energy! You should be happy your baby talks to you.
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Originally Posted by GlamourPuss View Post
Oh Mily is gorgeous, what an elegant head she has!
Oh gosh - your kitties are beautiful too!
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Thank you

She's my baby, and follows me everywehere. We also have very long conversations

As for the water, I don't spray it in the ears of the cat, so there isn't a risk of infections. I aim for the body not the face.
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