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I have done nothing today

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I have been at work for 4 and a half hours now and I can honestly say I have done the least work ever.
Have you ever had days like this?
I am stressed about buying this house, and I am leaving work in 3 weeks and I'm finding it hard to stay motivated espescially with all the problems and changes that are going on in our office.
I'm going to pull my socks up this afternoon I promise
I'd have been better off staying in bed I think
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Everyone has days like that...and you are entilted to them as far as I'm concerned...you have alot on your plate right now...no wonder you are stressed!
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Lazy bum!

I'd love to have a day like that today, but instead I've packed three boxes of books (still need about six more boxes for the rest!!) and am going to wsh litter trays in a minute once my oversized lunch has settled!

Ah, okay! You can have the odd lazy day - especially as you're leaving soon!
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Yesterday I did NOTHING. I searched digital cameras and reviews all day at work. It was really boring, but for some reason I couldn't motivate myself at all.. Mondays are usually like that for me..I did like 60 minutes of work the whole day...

Very bad employee I am on Mondays
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Same here Lauren. My house is like an empty shell apart from boxes everywhere. I just want to go now!!!!

My Directors on holiday for 2 weeks as well so were all pretty laid back at the moment
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Pretty lazy day here too, today is a holiday in germany.. nothing is open so im not able to call any places for jobs ect, i went and cleaned up my apartment, installed a new light and stuck the small wall paper around the bedroom, Now its complete!

Now for the rest of the day im not sure what im gonna do :P
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