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I'm so glad that he is doing better. Get better Napoleon, your brother and Meowmy miss you!
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, Napoleon! Jenny, you both are in my thoughts. My heart sank when I saw this thread, and I'm so pleased that the vet is cautiously optimistic. What an ordeal!
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I'm crossing my fingers in hopes of a good outcome. My fav SIL's dog twice has either eaten rat poison or eat something that ate the poison. They rushed her to the vet and is still alive and well after these two episodes. I know the website about.com had a topic about rat/mice poisons.
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I have just been to see him, following my own visit to the nurse that was postponed from this morning, and there is reason to hope on both fronts. Poor Napoleon is unconscious, but the vet said the crisis period was almost over, and he has been eliminating a lot from his system. Poor guy was filthy at both ends and wet, so I am glad he doesn't know about it. The vet said that the worst danger now is brain damage, as he thinks we probably got him in time to avoid internal organ problems. Anyway, I am going back tomorrow morning early with a blanket from home and some cleaning tissues and things and I will try and clean him up. And then there will be something that smells of home for him.
And the nurse does not want to see me tomorrow - she says my head is finally beginning to heal and I can deal with it at home and see her on Wednesday. So tomorrow I can concentrate on my poor cat. The others know he is missing - they are crying and won't leave me alone. Thank you all for the vibes and prayers. It means a lot. The next thing is to persuade all my neighbours not to use poison - now we have 5 cats hunting in the hamlet, they should be able to control things. I would not wish even a rat to suffer the way I saw Napoleon suffer this morning.
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Oh Jenny, it must have been so hard to see your baby like that The vet has given you positive news, so let's focus on that and of course we are all keeping the vibes coming his way. I am glad that you will have some time to spend with him tomorrow, and the blanket from home will surely have some familiar smells on it. Can you maybe sleep curled up with it tonight? Some of your scents would be best for Napolean, that way he is reassured that his mom is right there with him. One of your tshirts would work as well.
Please tell him that all of us cat people are thinking of him and love him

On a side note, I am very glad that your wounds are healing up. Having that nurse come in was a tremendous help!
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I am praying and sending healthy vibes for continued good news about Napoleon.
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I thought I would post a couple of pictures of him, in happier times. I just pray I get my baby back, just as he was. He is such an intelligent, funloving cat.

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Oh what a doll baby!!!!!
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Aw, he is a beautiful boy! And so BIG! He will be just fine, he has so many prayers and {{{}}} good vibes going for him!
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
I am praying and sending healthy vibes for continued good news about Napoleon.
me, too, altho i caught this thread so late - he'll need plenty of 'get well' vibes even if he has passed the crisis stage.
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Prayers and vibes for Napoleon, and for his Mum. I'm glad to hear that the worst is over, and have everything crossed that there is no lasting damage.
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Oh Jenny I feel so bad for you and Nepoleon,This brakes my Heart. I am praying that he is ok, We lost a dog to what they said was rat posion I still do not think that's what it was there was none ever here and he never went out except on a leash...Oh Please God let him be ok
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Originally Posted by jennyranson View Post
I thought I would post a couple of pictures of him, in happier times. I just pray I get my baby back, just as he was. He is such an intelligent, funloving cat.

What a beautiful Boy !!! Oh I hope he's ok I'm so sad
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Oh Jenny, huge vibes from our end of things for Napoleon. I am so sorry he found that poison - I hope that all is good when you see him tomorrow. He will love getting some attention from you when you go to clean him - that alone should make him feel so much better.

Get well soon little Napoleon
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Those pictures are great!!! I looked up in my one cat book about rat baits and I read that there are several different kinds. In the US we can call the poison control center for help but vet care is the best. Still hoping that recovery goes well for the both of you!!
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Oh Jenny look at your handsome boy I can only begin to imagine the despair you are feeling right now but we are all here with you hoping and praying your baby comes out the other side of this unaltered
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i will keep my fingers crossed for him.
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just checking in to see if there is any news.... fingers still crossed on this side of the world
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Jenny, I'll be thinking of you & Napoleon. He is not only gorgeous, but tough, too. Hopefully he will be back home soon to keep the other kitties in line!

Meanwhile, don't forget to take care of yourself. We don't want your head to get infected again.
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Just checking in for an update! I'm so sorry that you've had to see your sweet boy in such a situation

Napoleon is a fighter - as are you - and I know that he's going to fight with all his might and get on the mend!

Continued Health and Healing }}}VIBES{{{ on the way to Nepoleon and many and Calming }}}VIBES{{{ heading to you, Wellington, Dushka, Ellie and Persil
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Why do bad things always seem to happen to good people Jenny?
I am glad that you head wounds are finally healing.

All of your furkids will be in my prayer as Napoleon continues to recover.
He is such a beautiful boy.
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Oh poor baby! Many prayers are heading your way from here!
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Just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you and your fur babies.... I'll check tomorrow for an update. He's a trooper!
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Jenny, I just now saw this thread. My heartfelt prayers to Napoleon to get better soon. Hugs to you and your other fur-babies who are missing him right now.

With all the warm prayers and vibes from all of us here Napoleon just has to come through this with flying colours.
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I have just brought my beloved Napoleon home from the vet. He died last night of lung complications caused by the poison. It was such a brutal, ugly, painful death which my sweet boy did not deserve. I cannot write more now - I am going to let the others say goodbye to him, wash him and bury him in his garden. He was so happy here, I feel I have betrayed them all.
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Oh Jenny, my heart goes out to you!

Your sweet boy is now free from pain, Jenny! He knows how much you love him
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Oh Jenny you didn't betray anyone, you would never have let this happen if you had some way of knowing, I am no good at reading these posts they brake my Heart, There's nothing I can say except I am so so sorry, I know how hard this is for you. Please do not blame yourself, I will have you in my Thoughts and Prayers as I will Beautiful Napoleon, Bless his Heart .. And Bless you Jenny for doning so much for him, taking him in, loving him, and doing everything right everything you could. I am so Sad and I feel so bad for you ...RIP Beautiful Napoleon I'm so Sorry
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Oh my goodness Jenny, I am speechless. I am so sorry that this is the update today.
You have not betrayed them, this is not your fault. All you can do now is warn your neighbours about the effects of putting poison out.
I hope you find the strength to get through this Jenny. It is so unfair and I know how heartbroken you will be.
We are all here for you during this awful time

Rest in peace sweet Napoleon, your Mummy loves you so much
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Oh no - so sorry to hear about Napoleon I was following this thread last night and was really hoping there would be good news today. Will be thinking of you and your other furbabes. Play hard at the bridge, little man.
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I can never think what to say at times like this, so just to let you know that if the thoughts of others are of any comfort you are in ours.
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