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Napoleon has been poisoned  

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Please, please, I need your vibes. He is in the vet hospital and his chances are not good. He went out this morning around nine and came in at 11, when I noticed his back legs were trembling and he didn't want to be picked up. Then he began to drool and I knew something was very wrong. I got him into a carrier at once and rushed to the vet, phoning on the way. I had to wait there for half an hour as all the vets were out on visits, and meanwhile Napoleon went into spasm and lost control of all his functions. He was writhing and in terrible pain, one could see it. Several times I thought he was going to die there and then. When a vet arrived he gave him a valium shot, and some serum, and saline solution but there is no way of knowing what he has eaten. The vet said two things were most likely - anti slug pellets or rat poison, but the treatment is the same. And there is not a lot they can do - the outcome depends on how much he has taken. I have had to leave him there and they will call me in a couple of hours. When I got back all the others are inside and OK, thank goodness.

I feel terrible - I brought them here as a cat paradise, and there has been nothing but trouble. And they love it here so much. Please give me your thoughts and vibes today for poor Napoleon - I can't bear the thought of losing him.
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Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry to hear this! Tons and tons of get well soon vibes for Napoleon {{{{}}}} You and he will definitely be in my thoughts
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Oh Jenny!

I will be thinking of you both constantly today! I truely hope that Napoleon didn't consume much and that he recovers speedily under the vet's care!

Sending many Health and Healing }}}VIBES{{{ his way and lots of , positive and calming }}}VIBES{{{ your way.
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and {{{}}} vibes for you and Napoleon.
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I,ve just been round talking to the neighbours and there has been rat and mouse poison put down recently. So there is a good chance that that is the problem. I have told the vet. Does anyone have a case of a cat who has eaten a poisoned mouse and survived?
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I am praying and I know waiting is so hard. I am waiting on a cat 1 vet just gave up on.

Good thoughts for you and Napoleon.
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Sending get well and recover vibes for you cat!
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Be strong sweet Napoleon, we all love you so much and you have a world of cat lovers behind you sending all the (((get well))) vibes we possibly can.

we are here with you too Jenny
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Oh Jenny i'm so sorry (((((mega healthy vibes))))) coming Napoleons way.

Just hang in there Jenny he's in the best possible place
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Sending lots of get well vibes to Napolean, and calming vibes to you!
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Fingers and everything esle crossed for Napoleon, and hugsfor you.
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Oh Jenny....
You and Napoleon have my prayers that your precious boy will recover.
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Healing vibes to Napolean! Its not your fault he was poisoned and we all know it. You only wanted the best for your kits!

You and Napolean are in my thoughts and prayers!
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({({({({({({({({(Jenny & Napoleon)})})})})})})})})
You both are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Prayers for Napolean.
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Oh no, Jenny I am so sorry. Lots of vibes headed your way for your sweet boy.
Napolean, fight with everything in you sweetie. We are all pulling for you.
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I'm so sorry. I hope he gets well soon, I'm praying for him. How awful
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OMG, I am so sorry for you. I will say a special prayer just for Napolean....

Hang on there sweet little boy!!! Keep fighting!!! We're praying for you!!!
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All my prayers and good vibes for Napolean, and many hugs for you Jen. I wish we all were closer to hug you in person!
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Oh Jenny i am so sorry!
You will be in my thoughts today and I hope sweet Napoleon makes a full recovery
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More vibes going out for Napoleon and hugs to you.
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I didn't dare to call the vet and I got my friend to do it for me. And the news is cautiously good. He has survived the crucial first hours. The vet has just examined him and will look at him again in a couple of hours. I spoke to the vet myself after I heard that. The problem now is whether there is any neurological damage or damage to the kidneys and liver. That may not be apparent for a few days. Meanwhile they are keeping him sedated.
Wellington has spent the whole afternoon on my lap, trying to burrow into my sleeve or shoulder. It is as if he knows something bad has happened.
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I remember when Napoleon and Wellington came to you. My heart sunk when I saw the thread title. Lots and lots of get well vibes to Napoleon. May he pull through with no lasting effects.

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You both are in my thoughts and prayers today! Please let us know how he is doing.
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Jenny, I am so, so sorry this has happened to your beautiful boy . I am saying a prayer for his safety and that the news gets better and better. If there are any complications with his health, I know that he couldn't have a more loving mommy to take care of him . Sending YOU some calming vibes as well as I can only imagine how sick with worry you must be right now!
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Well at least there is some good news for today. Keep getting better, Napoleon! to you and your Meowmy.
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Sending lots of healthy and healing vibes to little Napoleon. And lots of to his Meowmy and brother who are so worried about him.
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Sending lots of good health and strength vibes to Napoleon and to you Jenny.
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Napoleon's in my prayers, and you are both in my thoughts.

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I'm pleased to hear that there has been a positive report from the vets! I hope that Napoleon continues to fight and heal!
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