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I'd appreciate any ideas

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In addition to my real job I have a small business selling cat themed merchandise at a gift mall. I make a few of the items myself, for example, covered switchplates and signs. I'm a pretty decent hand letterer and am always looking for clever new sayings. This weekend I did, Cats Rule, Got Tuna?, Crazy Cat Lady, I (Heart) Cats and Wipe Your Paws. Others I do are Meow Spoken Here, Blessed are the Purr in Heart, Strays Welcome... I do twisted wire hangers, raffia, paw prints, basic kitty pics, etc.

So the question is...do you have any ideas for a sign you'd like to see, or have seen and liked? There are many great sayings, but some are too time consuming. (ex, Purr and the world purrs with you, hiss and you hiss alone) I get my sign boards free at a lumber mill and usually about the biggest is about 5-6 inches in height by 2 foot. I also like to do really small ones.

Also, I'd be curious if you have any favorite cat items that you'd like to give or receive as gifts. I try to carry a good variety, but I tend to buy what I like, and that's not always the best thing to do. I have clocks, ceramics, pill boxes, jewelry, vases, pictures, frames, signs, garden stakes, rugs, statues, misc wooden items... It's a long list, but I'd love to know what catches your eye.

Too bad I didn't qualify for secret santa this year...it would have been like hitting the jackpot for someone who likes kitty stuff!

Thanks for your ideas everyone.
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I love stuff like that. Do you ever do 'custom' orders? For instance, my boss goes camping every weekend from April through October. Outside thier campeer they hang a sign that says "The _____" (thier last name). Below it are thier individual names each on a piece of wood. The dogs have dog bone shaped pieces. They don't have a cat but I'm thinking that would be fish shaped or something. I think something along thoes lines would be cute. Not necessarily that, but something you could personalize to the pets.
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I haven't done anything custom, mainly because the mall's not really set up to do that. I restock once a week and so by the time I got the order, completed the project and took it to the store, it might be 2-3 weeks later. By then, unless they've paid in advance, the customer might have changed their mind...and I could be stuck with a sign that says...*I Love Barney*

I'm pretty good with a drill press and my roto tool, but I don't have the saw for cutting shapes. What is that...a scroll saw?

The boys all went hunting this weekend, so I made a sign that said NO HUNTING for their camp, with holes drilled all over it. I have a feeling when it comes back it's going to have plenty of the real thing.
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How neat. Do you have a website ?
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Nope, no website. Just my space at the mall. This mall only opened over Memorial Day this year, so I don't think they have one up yet either. They're going to be advertising on TV, but it will only be local cable channels. I'm a really small vendor...I have a 5x8' room (well...I call it a room ) which is called The Cat's Closet,(appropriate ) a hallway and a cabinet out in the main lobby with Willow Tree items in it. I've put my name in for a nice 10x12' room, but the vendor there will have to give notice first and as I hear it, she's not doing all that badly. (sells dolls)
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How about "NO DOGS ALLOWED"..
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
How about "NO DOGS ALLOWED"..
Good one!
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Suncatchers, some pet memorial stuff - plaques, urns, odor removing scented candles (can refer you to a wholesaler whose stuff is awesome from what I hear), if you think you'll have a collectibles crowd coming through at all, consider some fenton glass or some limited edition art work such as JS Perry's work, cat themed ornaments - I have one friend that I always buy a new one or two for every year

Best wishes to you..hopefully this mall gets advertising and you'll have good crowds and a good holiday season!
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Pet memorial items are a really good idea. I started to put together a display (in my mind) at a friend's store where I had a huge area to work with. Unfortunately she went out of business before I could get going on it. My thought was to use a corner area, suspend an old window that has a rainbow effect. (with a light behind it) I don't know if I could do it using a colored cellophane, or if I should have someone who works with glass do it for me. Anyway, I did get the Rainbow Bridge story framed with a cute picture of a kitty and puppy in the corners. Urns at the crematorium as so expensive, and truthfully you can use about anything. I fancy myself as being creative and intended to make some of the containers myself. Ex: stained wooden boxes with a picture holder mounted on the top, or a ceramic dog or cat. I also wanted to get some dual photo frames and put the Rainbow Bridge on one side and a mat with pawprints on the other where you could put your pet's picture. Maybe a few pet sympathy cards? It will happen one of these days, but not until I get a larger space.

My entire Christmas tree is done with cat ornaments and a few dogs thrown in for good measure. I love getting ornaments as presents, and yes I sell them too.

Candles....hmmm. Let me find out if I'd be stepping on anyone's toes. I know they have candle vendors in the mall, but I'm not sure exactly what products they sell.
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About a year ago I picked up some Lacombe funky china cats. And Ganz had some cool things too.
I have for my deceased kitty a pretty handpainted stone marking her grave.
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