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First contact

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Hello everyone

We are Lyn and Kahuna. We come as a package. Kahuna is roughly 10yrs old and is Black with the tiniest white flecks on his chest, I got my furbabe from my brother who's wife left him (and his kids. Long story), although I had grown up in a home which always had dogs, I always wanted a cat and did not have the heart to let this wee man go back to a shelter even though I had never met him. He was the only one of 6 kittens that survived been thrown in a river. So after a 4 hour drive from Inverness, my house was suddenly invaded by a slightly nutty cat. NEVER looked back. Kahuna decided to own me in 1998 and since then, my life has been full of love and furry cuddles. I have never had any problems with him, I do not care about carpets being slightly shredded and chairs scratched. 1 Month ago we had our first ever scare - my furbabes tail was limp. Vet visit resulted in being told that it was nerve damage and that he would never get any feeling back. Was told to go back in a week and be prepared for an amputation. I was devastated, not because he would need his tail off but because I would have to leave him and walk away. Well, first of all, WE did not like that vet, he was rough and slightly uncaring. So week went by and I saw a new vet, NO amputation, no loss of feeling (well, very slight). A week of steroids and unbelievabale sickness had sorted it out. His tail will never be 100% it's kinda zig zaggy but it's still here and as strong as ever. I thought I might lose my babe at one point but we stuck it out and he's as mad as ever

So after that very long introduction (SORRY), HI and I look forward to finding out things and getting advice where needed.

L & K
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Welcome to TCS!! Your babies sound lovely, can't wait to see pics!!
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Welcome to TCS! Great story!
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Hello Lyn and welcome to you and Kahuna !!! Post some pics so we can see your lovely babe. He sounds like he survived a harsh start to life, hes a miracle babe. You speak of him with such dedication and love And yea to you that you love Kahuna more than your carpet and chairs Thats exactly how I feel about mine too
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Thanks folks. And thank you for the warm welcome. I would love to post pics of my Kahuna but don't know how. Can't see a link to adding pics and have no way of resizing as I know many sites need this to be done. I do have pics on my HD but so not good at technical stuff.
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Welcome to TCS!
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Pami, thanks. carpets and chairs and anything fabric/material are nothing when it comes to the love shown by a cat. Kahuna isn't too bad with this. Yes I have a bare carpet beside his toilet and scratches and catches on my furniture - so what? Kahuna is happy. Not saying I let him run riot in the house but some things just come naturally with a cat. Possesions versus cats? Cats every time. Especially here, Yeah I get the moans from my parents (well my dad) but this aint a show house, and I am not someone who wants everything to be 'just so'. He was treated badly enough from the start so, my job given he seems happy to have me as his slave is to be all I can for him.
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Lyn, if you will go to and register for free, you can upload your pics there. Before you upload there is a button right below the upload button that when you click on it, it gives different sizes to upload the pic to. Click the message board size.

Then come back here and open a message to post and click on the yellow box in the top right corner. Copy the first link under the photbucket pic and paste it in the yellow box. I hope that makes sense. Cant wait to see Kahuna. Great name btw !!
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Welcome to TCS! If you need any help with anything on the site, just click on my user name and send a private msg . I will be more than happy to try to help.
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Ok. Again thanx. I will try the foto thing when I am more awake. i.e. tomorrow. I will be more than happy to put up pics of my babe. Not best quality cause as a black, it's difficult to get good pics. Kahuna sais goodnight. Getting nagged here to go to bed so he can snuggle under the covers. Wimp or what? Thanks folks. Night night and take care x
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Forgive me if this is wrong. Not his best pic but typical Kahuna on my lap.
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Kahuna is gorgeous !!!!
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I enhanced him !!
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He's beautiful. Very confident and glossy.
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isnt he just gorgeous! welcome, im a newcomer myself..
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Hello and welcome, I'm new too and Gizmo and I are from Scotland aswell. Your kitty is beautiuful.
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Hi - Welcome to you and Kahuna. He's a beautiful boy. Thanks for sharing Kahuna's story. What a miracle boy. I'm glad you got a second opinion.
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She's a beauty
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Thanks everyone for your comments about my babe. I have loaded some on foto bucket so will now see if I can paste the link. This is all too new to me

deleted for reasons below.
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I wouldnt post the link directly, people who are not members here can go in there and delete your pics .
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Thanks for the suggestion Pami. Didnt reaslise people would do such things. The minds of some always surprise me. Now, guess I should work out how to delete it.

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Originally Posted by brawlass View Post
Thanks for the suggestion Pami. Didnt reaslise people would do such things. The minds of some always surprise me. Now, guess I should work out how to delete it.

Just hit the edit button under the post and delte and then post them like you did the other one.
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Hi there Lynn we're so happy to welcome you and Kahuna to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

Kahuna is gorgeous! I'm so glad that his tail didn't have to be amputated.

On photobucket you can go into your options screen and make your album private. That way, although you can post links to photos, nobody else can alter your album.
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Thanks flisssweetpea. All too new to me. I usually leave all the technical things to my friend so I don't break anything (believe me I have managed this many times), as he is the one left to fix it. Having been around various forums, I wasn't sure if the photo I posted was maybe a bit toooooooo big! The fact that with help from Pami, I even managed the first one is a success for me

I have just bought my first digi camera and getting loads of Kahuna pics although I have to say he seems to be getting a bit fed up with me disturbing him. My few other photos are all from my mobile so not the best. But I will try the photobucket suggestion.

Thanks again. Take care x
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Originally Posted by Huffypeg View Post
Hi - Welcome to you and Kahuna. He's a beautiful boy. Thanks for sharing Kahuna's story. What a miracle boy. I'm glad you got a second opinion.

The second opinion was more by luck than anything else. I had already decided that the vet I saw initally was NO good. He only handled by scruffing kahuna and basically shouted at me when I accidentaly let him go. Sorry but I was scared as heck with being in my first ever emergency. Kahuna was not displaying signs of being terrified so the scruffing was not needed. Also, there were issues for me regarding the time between appointments. (no washing down of tables. The previous furbabe was not even out the consulting room door as we were called). I was assured by this guy that in NO WAY would Kahuna EVER get ANY feeling back in his tail. A tail that now stands over his back and proud! Luckily, on the next visit I saw a different vet that did not even go near the carrier and let Kahuna come out on his own while talking to me. She was very positive and had NO thought of amputation. I had gone that day with directions to a different vet so as to get a 2nd opinion and only returned due to the fact that Kahuna does not travel well and had chosen a vet where parking was close.

I have since and will continue to make appointments with the 'nice' vet. I shudder to think that I came so close to allowing someone to put Kahuna through something so drastic. Guess only us slaves know our furbabes best.
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Hi Lyn and Kahuna
and welcome! So glad you're here and want to give a big THANK YOU for rescuing, loving, and sticking by Kahuna through thick and thin and zigzaggy tails! Yunno, my Nicolas T. Cat has the same thing going on with his tail. I think it's a result of his being in an engine block when he was still outdoors as a straggly kitten in our old neighborhood. His tail was fine before that, when he first started coming around. Needless to say, I brought him right inside after his tail started being zigzaggy, and even though he doesn't ever raise it perpendicular like most cats, it is a magnificent tail, and Nick is over 16 years young, and our resident Lion Kinglet.

People who do bad things to, or even think bad things about, cats, should be vaporized! I'd gladly volunteer for the job, too...

This is a great site and forum and Nikki T. Cat especially welcomes Kahuna, and you!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Hello and welcome to TCS!!!

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