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When do kittens go on their own?

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At what age do kittens usually start going potty on their own? We have a little one we rescued and are raising who is about 4 weeks old now. We have only had her for about a week & a half and I was wondering when she wouldn't need stimulating any longer. Also when should I start offering her mositened kitten food. She is 1lb and 1.6 ozs. and drinks about 2 tablespoons of formula at each feeding now.

If you would like to see some pictures of her, you can under feral & strays, update on Meggie.

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u can start offering her kitten food now start leaving water out aswell for her with the going on her own part anytime from 3 1/2 week's as that is when weening roughly start's and once she is on the kitten food she will start to go on her own i would get a litter tray sorted out for her now a low sided one and once she start's eating even a little bit of food i would start putting her in the litter tray after meal's and when she wake's up and take her front paw's and do a scrathing motion in the litter if she poo's outside the tray when it come's to it u can place the poo inside the litter box so she can smell it , good luck i'm sure other's will have more info for you , also when we took on 2.. 4 week old kitten's they was drinking around 20 ml's of formula every 3-4 hour's and after 2 day's of having them they started taking kitten food mashed with some water and they loved it i also put formula in a dish for about 2-3 week's aswell so that they weened slowly jst like they would if the mother was still there there nearly 6 month's now and doing great
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A wonderful site that can assist you with questions on this little one is:

It has lots of very helpful advice.

Sounds like now is the perfect time to introduce this little one to a litterbox:

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Thanks Katie for the links. They are very helpful. Meggie is using her litter box already! One big fear down! I started placing a dish of moistened kitten food in her new bigger box and the little stinker ate it all. She is also lapping water from a dish so it looks like the weaning is off to a great start. I am still giving her a bottle four times a day in addition to the kitten food. She loves to snuggle and nurse wrapped in her bottle blanket as we have named it. When we let her out of her box to play she comes when we call her now. She has replaced the TV as our entertainment. Watching her run around and playing with her toys keeps us in smiles. She has learned to climb onto the couch and now does that so she can snuggle up to us when she gets tired of playing. Our other cat no longer hisses at her but we are still keeping them away from each other until Meggie is bigger.

I can't thank you all enough with all the help and support you have given. She is now a very important part of our home and gives us back as much love if not more than we give her. I can't believe I didn't want to keep her at first. Oh who am I kidding...Of course I was going to keep her from the start. It just took my mind a few days to catch up to my heart.
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