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Pooping problem

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Hi there, We got our adorable kitten Socks about 3 weeks ago. He is now 3 months old. At first we had no problem he used his litter (although sometimes he did not bury his poops). But recently he has taken to pooping in one of my plants - I could understand that and have tried almost everything to keep him away from it. So far nothing has worked. Any ideas?

Then last night - right in front me as I was hanging up the washing he pooped in the corner of our spare bedroom. Any ideas as to why he would start this behaviour?

I use CatSan litter (there is not much choice in France where we live) and clean the litter box at least twice per day. I've been smelling it in case there is a lingering urine smell (this litter does not clump) but I can't smell anything.

Thanks for any help.
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You should try to add another litter box. Some cats do not like to pee and poo in the same location. If you havent already, I would take him to the vet to rule out any health condition first. Good Luck.
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Hi Pami, Thanks for the post. Is it not wierd though that for the first few weeks he used his litter for both pee and poo and only now is having a problem with it?
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No, its actually not. I actually had a similar problem with my Kiko. For 3 years everything was fine. Suddenly, he decided he needed another box and this is how he let me know. Once I added more boxes the elimination stopped.

But I would urge you to have your baby vet check because he could be alerting you to an underlying health problem. Outside elimination problems are a way a cat will communicate something is wrong either health wise or "I need another box". Its also a way they communicate they are stressed as well. But I would check the health first then begin ruling out other causes.
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Well the pooping problem persists.
We have been to the vet - no problems with Kitty!
I've added a second litter tray with the type of litter that he had before we brought him home.
And still he poops in the plant.
I tried lemon, vinegar, black peppar and cat repelant. Nothing worked. So I covered the plant in tinfoil - and that definitely works.
But now he poops in the corner of the spare bedroom because he cannot get close to the plant.

I can't understand why he won't use his litter. He was trained when we got him and for the first week we had no problem. The litter trays are not used now but were always cleaned twice per day!

We're trying desperately not to punish too severly and drop him into the litter tray (apparently not good) but its so frustrating and smelly!!

Any help would be most appreciated!!!
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I would put one of the litter boxes in the corner in your spare bedroom where he is pooping to see if he will start using the box again.
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Originally Posted by gardenandcats View Post
I would put one of the litter boxes in the corner in your spare bedroom where he is pooping to see if he will start using the box again.
I was going to suggest the very same thing.
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Its been months now and the problem is......well sort of fixed.

I now have 3 litter boxes....the main one, one at the plant where he pooped and one in the spare room in the corner. He simply ignores them all!!

I think that basically he just prefers to do it outside - he cries to get out to do his business. But Winter is coming and in this part of France -10 to -20 is not uncommon so I'm not sure what he is going to do then!!!!

I've been back to the vet and she just said that some cats prefer outdoors and then won't use litter. Nothing to do!

Let's see what Winter brings.
Thanks for your help here!
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