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new cat causing stress for old cat - advice?

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Hello, I'm new to this forum and have read a lot and appreciate the thoughtful advice everyone gives. I hope I can add something to this community sometime as well.

But for now, I need your help.

Four weeks ago we adopted a 2-yr old female cat, Madeline, from the shelter to join our small family of me, husband, and 4-yr old male cat, Oliver whom we adore. The main reason we got her was to be a companion to Oliver who is an extremely sweet and friendly cat who had always liked the company of other cats and seemed really bored at home.

We did the whole introduction routine (separate, exchange scents, meet at the door, etc.). So, long story short: Most of the time they just tolerate each other. They don't play unfortunately, but the real concern is that often the new cat, Maddie, is still going after old cat, Oliver. When he is lying around she walks up to him, sometimes walks around him, just staring. He hisses and growls, then runs and she chases him into a corner somewhere in the apartment. I've never seen her jump on him, or attack him per say, and SHE doesn't hiss, growl, or bite him, but he is afraid of her when she comes up to him like this.

I understand that dominance has to be established, but we are worried that this situation is too stressful for Oliver. We feel awful that we did this to him. We had the best intentions as we had never seen him afraid of any other animal ever - cats or dogs. My basic question, I guess, is...if this is still happening now after 4 weeks together, will it ever stop? Could it be that she is just not a social cat? She doesn't like to be held, but meows constantly for us to play with her and her toy. Another matter is that every time Oliver is in the litterbox, she goes over to it and stares at him. He had a UTI in the spring and we're worried the stress of this situation we set off another episode. I'm writing today b/c this morning he urinated in the box and it was so strong smelling, so I know he's not drinking enough water now. I'm worried about him....any advice or experience is appreciated. FYI: we live in a one-bd apt, they both eat wet food diet, and there are 2 litterboxes. Thanks in advance --- AJ.
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Can you create some sort of safe space for Oliver where Maddie can't get to him? I've heard of people making boxes that use those special magnetic cat/dog doors so that only the cat with the special collar can get in. In the meantime, I would try feeding them separately, and possibly adding a little water to Oliver's food to make sure he drinks enough. You might also look into getting a Feliway diffuser that may reduce the stress for both cats.
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