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Cleaning us after we shower?

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Puppy(our cat) has always liked to lick us. He will actually pin down hands when he decides they need a cleaning, and he gives us a very thorough bath.

We've been noticing that he does this more (and more aggressively) after we shower. We've completely dried off, so he's not going after water. He normall cleans only hands, but after a shower he goes after feet and legs, too. And if we dare to pull away, we get a little love nip. What's the deal?
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My Winter does something very similar to me. She does it after a shower or after I've washed my hands. She licks and licks and licks...I think she likes the taste of soap.

It's ok, though, because she's such a sweetie!
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Is your shampoo and bath soap perfumed? Maybe changing brands of soap would stop the behaviour. I don't suppose it is bad for you or him, though.

Gizmo runs about crazily when the shower comes on. She then comes into the bathroom while I'm in the shower and washes herself very ostentatiously. I tell her it's a nice gesture, but humans aren't good at cleaning themselves this way!
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One of mine will come to the bathtub while i'm in it and lick the water off my arms and legs after the water is off he will stop until I put them back in the water then he will nudge me untill i give him another drink. He also seems to like my hot bath water to cold fresh water not sure why. He also is the one the licks my feet so im thinking hes just wierd lol.
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Tyran has a habit of washing my head after a shower. Even after my hair is dry (I have a buzzed head, so it drys rather quickly) she will lick my head. She does it every so often and normally when I'm trying to sleep. The first time she did it, I was half awake and wondering why someone was rubbing sandpaper on my head. I moved my head and felt two little furry legs and looked up to find Tyran, washing my head. I moved away, wanting sleep, and she scooted over on the pillow, following my head and continuing to wash. She did a complete headwash before curling up and going to sleep. If I moved, she moved. It was kinda funny.
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Pixel likes to 'wash' my hair when it's wet... Java will lick my feet if i use my chocolate-peppermint foot cream, but that's 'cause she LOVES mint!
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Mia loves our bathroom for some reason. She comes in when I take my bubblebaths ans will sit and watch me and sometimes she will put her front feet on the edge of the tub and look in. She sits on the carpet and baths herself. twice she stood on the edge of the tub but the second time she slipped and her foot got wet, so she stopped. She doesn't lick us after we bath though and she hates the irish spring soap we like. She just likes to come in and bath herself when my boyfriend or I bathe
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She sounds a lot like my Gizmo.
Gizzy is fascinated by water in the tub, but has no inclination to go in and sample any. She likes to wash herself while I'm bathing. I guess it's because we do so many other things together, like play and sleep!
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