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Best toy I have ever purchased!


Pros: Inexpensive, batteries hold up well, cats LOVE it

Cons: Very light, so large cats can drag it around

I purchased this at a local farm/feed supply store, and it's the best toy I have ever purchased as far as cat interest level goes!  My old guy who is near 13 now rarely plays, even with Da Bird, which used to be his favorite.  He will jump and play with this toy from the time I turn it on until I turn it off!  It is irresistible to both of my cats.  It is the first toy I have had that both of them will play nicely together with as well!    If it can hold the attention of my old guy, it is a TEN STAR purchase in my eyes.  He hasn't played like this in years!  I can imagine kittens would go wild over this thing.   Like I said in the pros and...
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