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Reviews by: Anne

My cat behavior Bible


Pros: Well-written and covers a lot of cat care related issues

Cons: Perfect for cat behavior, but health and nutrition probably should be covered by a separate book

Pam Johnson-Bennett offers what IMO is the best ever manual for cat behavior. She helps you get the cat's perspective on things, and works with that to create the best possible behavior-modification techniques. The book covers a lot of ground, including general cat care, feeding and health issues, but its strength is definitely in the field of cat behavior.

Both my cats are wild for F&S Salmon Fishies


Pros: I like the fact that Fishies are all natural fish with nothing added.

Cons: The price: the stuff runs about $5 an ounce.

Originally posted by our member Judith Bronson: Both of my cats are wild for F&S Salmon Fishies, which are freeze-dried pieces of salmon in all sizes, from powder to so large the cats need to put a foot on them to hold them in place. One cat likes the really big chunks; the other likes the smaller pieces, which is convenient.   As soon as I pick up the jug, they come running. I think they would eat this exclusively if I would let them! I like the fact that Fishies are all natural fish with nothing added; the only drawback is the price: the stuff runs about $5 an ounce. Thoughtfully, F&S makes it possible for you to be notified by e-mail when they have a particular...
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Practical and affordable cat litter


Pros: does the work - no odor from the litterbox

Cons: tracks around the box a bit

Been using Ever Clean for a while now and we're happy with it. It certainly is effective when it comes to odor control which is probably the most important aspect, for me, being that the box is very near my office room. I clean the box twice a day, and in between, there's rarely any odors (unless someone gets lazy and doesn't cover up, which happens from time to time, making me go and clean up after them).   There is a fair amount of litter around the box, but I have still to find the litter that leaves zero tracks. › Anne › Reviews by Anne