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Breakthrough with Tiger

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Tiger has been with me for 6 weeks now, I have had to dismantle the cage to see if it helps Tom, and it has unsettled her. But, to my amazement, she has got better, despite sitting in odd places in my front room. The other night, she was rubbing against my legs, actively coming up and butting my hand, she played with me, she ate treats off my hand, and I even got a quick brush. Her owner said that he couldn't stroke or brush her, I can do both, but you only get a couple of seconds at a time - but she has numerous 2 second strokes a day, and I do try and pick her up once a day too - she grumbles a bit, but doesnt' attack - he said she wasnt vicious, but I have seen a nasty streak in her, but that could have been being uprooted after 13 years. She is a lovely cat, I dont think she will ever be affectionate, but I would just class her as independent, as she has always interacted with me and not for someone who wants a lap cat - just hope we can find someone willing to take on a 13yo, although the vet did say he couldn't believe her age.
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So good to hear Tiger is making progress. She's just an independent girl who wants to do things her way. My Stumper is like that. She's probably getting more attention and care from you than she ever did with her previous owner. It just shows what love and the right person can do.
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Aw, I'm glad you are making progress with her!
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I think you are right there Jean, and I did suspect that she would be better than he had made out. At meal times, seh is the only one who will rub round my legs!!!
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Yay! I'm so pleased to hear about Tiger's progress!

She sounds like a special little character really! It must be lovely to have her rubbing around your legs at tea time!
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I guess she just needed a little understanding and time.

Another success story, well done
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That is so wonderful to hear that Tigger is doing better
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She is a lovely cat Sar - hopefully you will get to meet her. I just hope I cna find someone to look past the fact she is 13.
Vampire Cat - it wont be a success story till she is placed in a home, but at least now she has a better chance than a cat that you couldn't stroke or brush.
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I hope I get to meet her too! I'm sure I will!
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Congratulations on your successes with Tiger - I hope that the "road to home" is short and easy for her
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Sarah met Tiger today, and she was really good - she rubbed against her, allowed her to be stroked (although tapped her with her claws in when she had enough), played with her. So, a lot better progress than I imagined in 6 weeks, and if we can just find someone willing to look past the fact she is 13 (Which she doesn't look), she will make someone a good pet - think she will have to be an only cat though, she does try and bat mine when they go past her, and did have a real go at Pebbles last night.
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Yes, Tiger is lovely!

We did have some fun playing and she did let me stroke her head for longer when she was on the stairs!

Tiger is definitely going to make someone a great companion! (as will the lovely Martha! )
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