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Arm & Hammer High Performance Litter...

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Is anyone using it or tried it?? What do you think? I'm just soooo done with WBCL... that stuff is too expensive and doesn't work THAT great...
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I just tried my first box this week. So far so good, I wouldn't go for the scented kind though, it has a tendancy to be a little bit overpowering.
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I use the Arm & Hammer Super Scoop - is that the same thing? I've been using it for over a year, both kitties seem to have no problems with it. Although Ferris is a litter-chucker, LOL...I'm sweeping it up daily, even though I have high-sided litter boxes.
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I use A&H Unscented Super Scoop, too. Lusa does very well with it.

I needed to find a less expensive and more readily available brand than WBCL.
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I was using World's Best for a while but Bootsie wasn't using the box regularly. Often she would hang around the box and sniff at it, then start meowing and run off. She would hold it for 24 hours and then pee a lot in the corner of the box and then get out real fast without covering because the box just offended her that much (if she went in the box at all, sometimes she would just go next to it). But it was better than some litters which she just won't touch.

Now we're trying the Arm and Hammer flushable variety. She seems to like it although she still isn't covering up her pee. I think it is okay and the smell of it doesn't seem to bother either of us. But, it is somewhat dusty and doesn't clump quite as well as I'd like.. but if she uses it regularly without issue then it is definitely worth it.
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When I used World's Best I tried both the regular and the multi-cat one. I found quite a difference in the smell of the two and much preferred the original to the multi-cat. That difference in the odor might be something to consider when you use World's Best cat litter.
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I have a thread somewhere from awhile ago about A&H High Performace. I used it & loved it when I had to keep the kitties qiuarantined in the small bathroom. I will forewarn you that it tracks like crazy. I made a few adjustments & had no problems... My kitties still preferred the normal unscented Tidy Cats over the High Performance. It smells to me, therefore it must be scented. It is the only litter that Lily would bury her poo with. I have two boxes & use two differnet litters at a time, so the kitties can choose what the like best. I am trying new litters right now, so I am using the High Performance & Scoop Away.
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