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Sunday's DT

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Hello to everyone! Hot and humid here today. Got my suitcase packed, so I'm ready to go if need be. Should have done that quite awhile ago, but kept putting it off. So now I'm all ready....I hope the baby decides to come SOON!

Not feeling very well again today, so will probably spend alot of the day in bed. Hubby is in a bad mood again, something with his child support adjustment, I don't know. Sometimes I feel like I come in last on his list of things to care about. I told him that too, and he just left. All he does lately is threaten to quit his job, and that stresses me out, because there is no way I could support us both, and the baby. He HAS to have a job. He only threatens to quit when his x-wife wants more money. I understand his frustration, because he works hard, and doesn't have much to show for it after taxes and child support, but that is life...he can't punish me and the baby just because his x-wife wants more money. He doesn't seem to think of us at all. He says if he quits his job and we can't pay the bills, that it is her fault, not his. I don't think so. I can't seem to get it through his head that people have to work just to make ends meet, and that not everyone works and has alot of extra money to show for it. That's life. But he seems to think if he isn't making any extra, he might as well not work. He said he just feels like he is on this earth for his paycheck. Whatever that means.

Oh well....sorry to vent here. I just wished he cared a little more about me, and less about himself. He has been very selfish and self centered lately.

So what does everyone have planned for today? I hope you all have a really good day!!!
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Debby, it is really a shame that your husband is so self-involved lately that he doesn't seem to care about you. I hope with Amber comes the realizaton that he will need to straighten up and fly right, it must be really frustrating for you because I know you want your marriage to work out. I'll stop there, or I might get in trouble for speaking my mind.

This morning I went over and gave the neighbors some jam in thanks for them being on the alert last night. It appears they were the ones who called the police when they saw a man vault over our pasture fence and head for our orchards. They were outside quite late and when he vaulted into the pasture he triggered one of several motion detectors we have out there. We laughed about it in the sunshine, because they said that is why they moved out to the country too, to get away from the high crime and chaos of bigger cities.

Then I put both the horses in the round pen and worked them for quite awhile. My goal is to eventually have them both moving opposite of each other passing in a circle, but so far, that isn't happening. Still it was fun and a great stress reducer for all of us.

I am also going to be releasing McBeth and McGilly into a new home soon. The lady has been wonderful and I met her several weeks ago at the vet's office. She has a lovely home, no pets, recently lost her cat and has been looking for a replacement. She has offered to take both of them and realistically, she is the better home. My place was just a stopping off terminal for them and we are still keeping McKenzie, who is right now outside laying on the deck with Karma, Stryker and Dunkin. So sometime next week I will be saying goodbye to these two little sweethearts and thus release a bit the burden I have right now of too many cats. I really wanted to keep them at least till they were old enough to get spayed, but I have to trust that this woman will follow through and be responsible for them. Even on a little over 3 acres, 14 cats is a lot of kitties.
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Debby, maybe he'll lighten up, when the baby's born. Men get weird, during pregnancies, too. Everybody's paying attention to the mother and, like little boys, men pout. They, also, see someone they love going through rough stuff and there's nothing they can do about it. Its that primitive instinct to protect their mates.

Its muggy, here. Doesn't look as though we'll get any rain today. Closing again, tonight. At least, on Sundays, we close an hour earlier.

Got my new schedule: I'm going to be home for dinner, every night, this week! Hope that I can remember how to cook. Friday will be bad: 8:00-6:30. Already told Bill to figure on pizza.

Have a good one.
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Debby, tell your husband to shape up or else a whole bunch of crazy cat ladies are going to come and whoop him into shape!

After doing housework this morning, I have been just lazing around. The last time I looked at the thermometer it was 97 degrees (F) and 85 percent humidity. Ick. Definately don't want to go outside today.

I bought a big basket of blueberries yesterday, so I'll make a pie later this afternoon. Since my husband is out of the country (again) I get it all to myself! (gee...I wonder why I can't seem to loose weight?)

This morning I was able to pet one of my ferals for the first time since he came to live in our back yard two years ago! I was sooooo excited. I have been trying to trap him for ages, but he is just too clever. Maybe now that he is letting me pet him I'll be able to put him in a carrier rather than having to catch him in a trap.
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Good day all.......

Debby - men (sorry guys) can be very selfish at times. It is all 'about them' you know! However, it does sound like your husband is depressed about his situation. Perhaps he needs to be a little proactive here and petition Family Court for a reduction in his support payments, due to the fact that your circumstances and income have recently changed? I don't know if that would help, but I am sorry you are getting the brunt of his frustration and anger.

Lotsocats...HOW WONDERFUL that you were able to have contact with one of your feral boys today! What is his name?

Me? Well a quiet day here - I have to go back to work tomorrow -my vacation is over! How quick these past two weeks have flown by!!!!!
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