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Just saying Hi! (w/pics & video)

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Hello everyone! I have enjoyed this site for many months now and finally thought it was time to start posting.

I grew up a dog lover my whole life. I never really cared for cats too much until this past January when me and my wife saw a add in a local newsletter for free kittens. My wife wanted one sooo bad! So, we called the guy that had the ad and he told us that he had one kitten left, but wasn't sure of the sex. We got directions to his house and drove over an hour to meet him.

When we walked in, he brought out the cutest kitten I had ever layed eyes on! My wife fell instantly in love. The one thing I noticed is that when we first picked the kitten up, he was VERY tame and sweet. He just layed in my arms, didn't scratch, squirm or anything! We took him (at the time we thought it was a her) home and I fell in love almost overnight.

A couple days later we learned that our kitten was in fact a he! It took me about 3 seconds to come up with a name.. Jack! From day one, Jack has been the best thing that has entered our lives ever, seriously. He has grown VERY attached to me, as I have to him. I love him dearly and look at him as he is one of my children.

The main thing that everyone loves about Jack is how sweet he is. Every single night he sleeps right above my head, on the bed. He will stay there, sleeping on his back with his little feets up in the air, until we wake up. It doesn't matter if we wake up at 7am or noon, he's right there snoozing above my head. He has never caused any problems at all. He only scratches on his post, has NEVER had a accident outside of his litter box, never tries to run out the door when we open it, never hides or runs away and never gets mean.

I do apologize if I'm rambling, but a year ago if you told me that I'd be this much in love with a cat, I'd told you you were nuts! Every day I love him more and more, and he does the same.

Here are a few pics of him!

This is normally what Jack does 90% of the time. He lays in his chair, and if you walk past him, he will roll over on his back and want his belly and neck scratched! Too cute

No need to buy Jack any kind of expensive toys. Drag a piece of string accross the floor and he will come running and attack it in a matter of seconds! He also LOVES milk carton rings that come under the cap. Toss one down on the kitchen floor and he can hear it hit from the other room! He will stay in the kitchen for HOURS just batting it around and chewing it all up! lol

Another good shot showing off what he does best!

And finally here is a nice little video.
(I apologize for the music in the background. I work from home and like to listen to music as I work. I didn't plan on taking this video, I just happen to walk past, thought he was cute and grabbed my camera, lol)

Again, sorry if I seem like I'm bragging or rambling. Jack is my best friend and I love him dearly. I honestly never knew how much happiness cats can bring you. You can also see when they love you back. It's a wonderful thing.

Thanks everyone for reading this I plan on being around here for a long time!

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Welcome to TCS Brian!! Jack is just adorable...I'm so glad you've come to join our site, I can't wait to hear (and of course see more pics) of Jack
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Oh my gosh, he's ADORABLE!!!

Welcome to TCS - we want more Jack pictures, please!!!!
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As you wish!

My wife cleaned out from under the fridge the other day, and this was all the milk carton rings and straws Jack had "batted" under there Sometimes I see him knock one under the fridge and he will spend 30 mins+ trying to reach his paw under there LOL

More laziness...

Jack sitting on and "protecting" his string. For some reason he LOVES to sit on things. The laptop, boxes, pieces of paper on the floor, anything. If we sit something down on the floor, and he's able to sit on it, he will! lol

Passed out on the floor, as usual.

I love his eye on this one LOL... He loves his scratching post. He does the SAME thing every morning, always in the SAME order. Wakes up, streches on my pillow, jumps onto the floor and follows me to the bathroom, walks into the living room and scratches his post for a good 30 secs then goes to the litter box

Sitting on my desk during the afternoon, watching me work

He loves the bathroom, and loves the shower/bathtub actually. The water doesn't scare him one bit. Whenever my wife is in there getting ready for work, he will sit in the bathtub and watch her lol.

He was sitting there, waiting for a fly to get close enough, and then.....

Jumped up and got it! lol

Thanks everyone for the kind words. Me and Jack really do appreciate it!
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No, you're not rambling. We all like to brag and show off our furrkids!

Jack is a handsome boy and will be setting many a feline heart a-flutter!

My Ari is a fly catcher, too.
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Hi Brian, and welcome to TCS I couldn't see the pictures, hopefully that's just a temporary glitch...I saw the video, though, and Jack is adorable! He does seem exceptionally sweet and docile. Just the right kitty to turn a dog lover into a cat lover

If you have any questions, or need help finding your way around, I'd be happy to help. Just click on my username, and send me a private message

See you around the boards!
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Hey guys, I apologize about the pics. I'm thinking the place where I host them at disable direct linking or something. Here is a direct link to Jack's photo album. This should work okay, if not, please let me know

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Awww, Jack is just adorable! love that pink nose! Really warms my heart to hear about a newly converted cat lover
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He is beautiful, look forward to hearing lots more about him.
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Dear Brian and Family:

Jack is really fine, and did you know that orange tabby male cats are supposed to be pretty rare? A friend of mine shares his life with one, too -- longhaired, like Jack...I'm an even newer kitten than you, and don't know if I can welcome you as I'm hardly even a kitten yet! but sure am glad you're "seen the light" and gone over to the Catside! Once you know, YOU KNOW! and you're hooked, right?
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He's a living Doll I see why you are in love! Welcome to the great world of Kitty LOVE!!!
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