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Food Issues

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Hi, I'm new and seeking some advice. My vet was helpful, but only suggested what I'm already doing. This is mostly about food, but you need background to understand the problem. Moderators should feel free to move this to somewhere more suited if I've placed it wrong.

We have 3 cats. Snoopy 15ish yrs (we didn't name him after a dog he was 10 when he came to be with us) Phoebe who is 5yrs and our new kitten Lola who is 8 weeks.

Things are going okay with Lola and Snoopy. He like kittens and when we first rescued him he was living in poor conditions with at least 8 other cats in a 2bedroom home. Lola is a little rough, but I got her nails cut today so hopefully she'll give him a break now!

Things are not so great with Lola and Phoebe. We've seen improvements in behavior, but Phoebe is still very scared and angry about this little kitten. She hisses and flees anytime the kitten comes near, which makes Lola chase her (what kitten can resist a running cat?) Lola LOVES both the cats and wants to do everything with them. This is of course quite annoying to Phoebe, and tolerated by Snoopy.

Here lies the problem. Snoopy has bad old kidneys and arthritis. He's been on Science Diet Feline KD for about 2 years now (and his levels are better than they've ever been!) Phoebe eats it for our convience, and loves it (its made her quite fat). Now, we've got Lola, and because of KD's low protein, every vet I've asked suggests she NOT be feed it, because of the lack of protien and the damage this may do to her growing body. They also insist we do not let Snoopy have kitten food, as the high protien will do damage to his small kidneys.

What I'm doing. Lola spends a lot of her time in our office (shes napping near me now). She is locked up here while we are gone and at night (to give Snoopy a break from her rough play... and Phoebe some time to relax. She has food water and unclumping litter in here. Her food and water are inside of a large box, with a tiny little doorway cut out. Its big enough for her to get in, but not for Snoopy. That solves Snoopy's problem. Now, Lola apparently LOVES KD. Shes always trying to eat it out of the big kitties bowls. Either it tastes really great, or she wants to be like the big cats. Every time we catch her, we pick her up and put her by her kitten food, which she eats without problem.

Aside putting up a gate (which won't work in our kitchen) which Snoopy would have a hard time jumping anyway... what can we do to keep her out. I've thought of using a second 'food box' for Lola in the kitchen (but the kitchen is quite small) or just outside the kitchen which would be very near the big kitty food. Any further thoughts and insight on the food situation would be great... and making peace with Lola and Phoebe.
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You can do meal times with each cat in a separate room. That's what I have to do with Polly and Prego since Polly eats a special prescription diet.

Put each cat in a separate room and close the door. Give them about a half hour to eat, then take up their food. They'll soon learn to eat at meal time.
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