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Kitten Breakthrough!

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My 2 dumpster kitten rescues (at about 8 wks of age this past Sun.) are now eating from my fingers AND one is purring for me, playing up a storm, coming out to eat AND when I come in the room she shows interest! Only 4 days and she's turned around...Yayyyyy!!!

The other little guy is WAY more shy, hisses sometimes, but WILl come out to play AND has let me tentatively pet while playing (tho he's not into pet and purr sessions like the little girl is ...) Please send vibes for him to make a GREAT breakthrough about petting and holding and trusting.

I know he CAN do it!

They've got the box litter thing sorted out I think (thank god for that!)

I was to have them tested today, but my carrier broke and I couldn't get to vets. I wasn't sorry, as additional time = better taming down and less scared of visit.

Meantime, have not caught sight of the other 2 siblings that were with them , but have been leaving food. Off to get green sheets and start the trapping & fixing process...for Momma cat and the other 4 1/2 growns living under the shed...

Please also, VIBES for them being feline luke / AIDS free? One of the last batch of kittens last year per the kitchen staff WAS positive and they PTSed them, so none of the staff wants a repeat with these guys. Neither do I! I have some space for them, possible at the vets... sooooo....

Please every one good vibes and prayers they are negative!!

And guys, thanks for the vibes and support this board has extented to me and Major Grey (who is STILL around and doing okay).
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I'm not all caught up and don't know Major Grey's story, but glad to hear he's doing OK!

Sending "please be FELV/FIV negative" vibes!

And glad to hear the great news with the little guys!

Are you fostering or adopting them? Either way, thank you for rescuing them!

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Good to hear the kittens are doing well and becoming friendly. Here's vibes that they are negative for all diseases. It's great that you are also trying to trap the other ferals. Too many homeless kitties out there. Good luck in your efforts.
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