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The Miracle of Que Creek Mine

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I just wanted to say how grateful I am that these men are safe. I watched the coverage off and on all day yesterday, and when I went to bed last night I doubted that any of them would be alive when found. What a joy it was to awaken to the news that nine men, all in fairly good condition came to the surface, one with the thumbs up sign, and another saying, "God Bless America!"
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It was the best news! I am glad that everyone survived the ordeal.
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I was tuned into CNN last night when the Governor of Pennsylvania announced that all 9 were still alive. First thing this morning I checked to see how the rescue had gone. As one Salvation Army worker said, "God was the 10th person down there in that mine." That, and perhaps the souls of the passengers of Flight 93 lent a hand.
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I too saw this on TV very early this morning, they had a special report, and I was so happy to hear all these men were safe!!! That truley is a miracle!!!
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Deb, If the passengers of Flight 93 were helping, my guess is that when the capsule was lowered someone said,"Let's roll!" After the 9/11 tragedy when we watched for days hoping and praying that someone was alive in the sub-basements of the Twin Towers, this country needed a miracle. What were the odds of those nine men surviving the flood and the hypothermia? The man from the Salvation Army was right. There was a tenth man when they huddled together for safety and warmth.
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AMEN to that!
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For once, it was good news on the front page. I am very happy for all of those men, and their families.
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I was glad to hear and see that all of them were ok & alive!
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It was soooo exciting to read about the successful rescue. What a thrill that all the men survived and what a miracle that they were all in fairly good shape considering what they'd been through.

Hats off to all the rescuers. Their hard work and perseverence paid off and it's thanks to them that there is a happy ending here.

Miracles do happen and I'm sure these miners were very well protected during this ordeal. As you all have said...they had a guardian angel amongst them (or many).

From what I read, these 9 men had the "survival" skill down pat. When they'd notice one getting weaker or colder, they'd all huddle together and concentrate on that one person to help him survive. Now that....is what we call co-workers!!
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