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Have you ever eaten something...

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...and then regretted it afterward? I went out on my lunch to pick up a couple of things at CVS and decided to buy a couple of Twix candy bars. Just had a major craving for chocolate. So, you know how there's two bars in package? Thought I'd eat one and save the rest for another day. I totally lost control and ate all of them! Now I'm on a chocolate high (not necessarily a bad thing), but am feeling a little sick to my stomach!
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well I am always eating way too much chocolate and never regret it
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Once I ate a bowl of Chili when I was feeling a bit queezy. I was VERY sorry I ate that.
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oh.............oh just remembered .......when I was 12, at Christmas I got one of those mega-large tubes of jelly-tots, I ate the lot and felt sick the whole of Christmas day not advisable really !!
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I tried a dog treat the other day because it looked good. you know those animal crackers that have the frosting with sprinkles? well it had the same stuff on it and I was so thirsty afterwards. I am a nut I know you don't have to tell me that.
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I have regretted eating alot of things....but never a twix bar!!! Those are delicious! And they are smaller because your supposed to eat 2 Eileen!

Last night, before dress shopping, I was staaaaaarrrrrrviiinnnnng so I went to fast food (which I rarely ever do), and I had Arby's, a roast beef melt, fries, and a milkshake. It was great going down....but about 20 minutes later I was in pain and in desperate need of a bathroom!!!
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Well there was this pasta primavera at a St. Louis Bob Evans that left me very sick the next week. (And turned a 3 hour drive home into a 5 hour drive. )
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This is why i dont eat sweets, even just a bite from a chocolate bar makes me queezi!

I just ate a cheeseburger from mc donalds and i regret it!
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-.- When I was 10 we bought a baker's dozen of bagels on our way home from the beach. I ate a right many of them and then promptly spent the next week regretting that I had.
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Well, the only thing I ever ate that I regretted was.... seal! Yes you read that right, I was in Alaska and of course had to try the local delicacies Tasted like a mouthful of sand! took all i had not to spit it out right there
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The thing I remember most is many years ago when I was young and single I made the mistake of eathing Chef Boyardee spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. I spent the entire night running back and forth to the bathroom being sick. Needless to say I did not to to work the next day. And I have never eaten anything from Chef Boyardee again. The very thought of it makes me ill.

Regarding chocolate, Eileen. There are many times I have eaten more chocolate than I should. We chocoholics should never be ashamed.
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I have learned the hard way that you can get sick to your stomach if you eat too many Lindt truffles
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Ahh, I love chocolate!!! But it makes me seriously sick if I don't take a lactaid tablet before I eat it (i'm majorly lactose intolerant ) So usually if I take a tablet before I eat it, i'm ok Maybe you have a slight sensitivity to dairy?
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
I have learned the hard way that you can get sick to your stomach if you eat too many Lindt truffles
GASP!!!! Say it ain't so!

Right now there is a package of chocolate filled creme horns calling my name...
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It wasn't just me Jan. I brought a giant bag into work, and we all OD'd on them I have a bag of milk, white, and the special fioretta Lindts in the house... trying not to break into them though!
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Well right now I have PMS, and have had it since tuesday, so for dinner every night I have had potato chips, Bbq and onion and garlic and mallowmars . Let's face it I loose the battle of hormones every month
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I have often eaten more sweet things than I really should have but usually with no serious consequences.

However, I can think of two times when I ate things that I regretted.

Once was a lunch of vegetable curry with rice. I brought it to school one day and ended up not eating it. Then went home and forgot to put it in the fridge. The next day, I found it on the counter and since there was no other lunch ready, I figured that since it smelled fine, it must still be ok. The texture was a little bit weird but it tasted fine when I ate it for lunch. Well, around 2 hours later I realized it wasn't fine and I had to rush back home.

The other time was during Christmas vacation last year. I had received a lot of chocolate as gift. In the few days following Christmas, I was home alone and I was bored, a little depressed and VERY lazy so when I was hungry, I didn't usually feel like cooking anything so I just kept eating some chocolate. I really didn't realize how much chocolate I ate until I woke up one morning, threw up and then spent the whole day in bed barely able to move because every joint in my body was hurting. That was horrible.
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I actually just pounded down a half can of pringles.
I felt bad afterwards, but I really couldnt stop. I even put the cover back on once, and proceeded to take it off for just one more.
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mmmmmm pringles!!! Those make me happy!
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
mmmmmm pringles!!! Those make me happy!
Me too!
It's like happiness in a can.
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Originally Posted by lilleah View Post
Me too!
It's like happiness in a can.
Amen to that!!!! I also love those Lays Stacks too!!! Do you like those??? They rock!!!
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True happiness is not just Pringles...but a tub of sour cream or flavored dip to dunk them in.

I regretted lunch today definitely. I went out to lunch with the office glutton and let him order. I had California rolls, chicken teriaki, vegetable tempura, salad, rice, green tea ice cream, and then a SECOND dessert of fried green tea ice cream. I NEVER eat that much for lunch. Regretting it a little now. My body is confused. Its still kind of full, but thinks its dinnertime!
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We used to go to nickel beer night with several rolls of nickels and come home with no nickels and a big sack of Krystal Burgers. (the Southern equivalent of White Castle) I usually regretted it for a couple of days after. I would never eat such disgusting things sober. I get queazy at the thought of them now. I got drunk and nostalgic when my granddaughter was born and had one. YUCK!!!!
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
Amen to that!!!! I also love those Lays Stacks too!!! Do you like those??? They rock!!!
Havent tried the Lays.
I've thought about it..But then I also thought they sure couldnt be as good as pringles.
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker View Post
Once I ate a bowl of Chili when I was feeling a bit queezy. I was VERY sorry I ate that.
Hope, I did exactly the same thing!! I have no idea what gave me the idea that chilli would be a good idea?

Amazing how it get's hotter upside-down!
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I also forgot to add that i havent eaten a hot dog in years!
I used to love them, at school they had a hot dog day and i was being a little fatty and decided to buy two.

2 hours later i started to feel sick, as soon as i got home i started to have the runs, the next day my stomac was cramping and i started throwing up.
My doctor told me i had meningiatis but i hadnt shared my drinks with anyone by that stage!! I was still young!
I was sick for over 2 weeks... I still blame the hotdogs, ever since that day i cant stand the smell of them or the look of them.
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Well most recently it was a whole packet of Peanut M&Ms.

They were yummy at the time, and i just couldn't help control over the urge to eat the lot. I did stop and fold over the top, put the tape seal over the end....but no...just couldn't leave them

Seemed like a good idea at the time........
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I do this almost every day!
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