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I created an Abstract work of are.

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I know a lot of people aren't crazy about Abstracts, but I thought for the fun of it, I'd create an Abstract. What do you think of it? I would like honest critique's. It won't hurt my feelings if you don't like it. I just want to know what you think, truthfully. It's called Hope's Horrorific Halloween.

Edit: I am changing the name to Autumn Nights. Thanks Heidi.
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I really like it! It makes me think of autumn, but I'm not sure I'd title it "Horrific". I find it relaxing, actually.
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well as soon as I looked at it I thought of Halloween, so you have certainly got the mood yeah.......I like it, it has depth and I love the colour

can you expand on the title a bit more ?
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I really like it! The colors really reminded me of fall and Halloween. Nice work!
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I actually like it - very autumn, and I don't even like the color orange!

Very nice work!!!
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Maybe I could change the name of it. It really isn't scarey so Horrorific doesn't really fit. Maybe just Halloween fun, or soemthing like that.
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I usually don't like abstract art, but that I really do like. You could even just call it something like Autumn Nights, so it isn't soley related to Halloween. It reminds me of a harvest moon, birds winging south for the winter, and changing leaves.
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I love that! I too think it's very relaxing and the colours are wonderful
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Thanks everyone. Also, thanks Heidi for the more appropriate name for it. I was really scared that no one would like it. It makes me feel like there may be a place for me as artist.
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That is lovely Hope, what I think is clever is that you knew when to stop, it is so easy to go one colour or one shape too far, you got it just right.
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Hope, I like it too. It looks like Halloween bursting!
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I really love it. And I'm very picky about which abstract pieces that I like. It reminds me of a cat eye for some reason, and I agree that it does have a really calming effect.

What type of medium did you use Hope? Is this painted or something you did on the computer?
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I wouldnt mind hanging up on my livingroom wall!
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I'm not a fan of abstract art, but it's more abstract people I find weird I love those colours, and the shapes as well actually. I reckon it's cool!
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I like it a lot too! I'm with Heidi, it brings to mind a harvest moon, but maybe bats flying across it
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What about "In Hope of Halloween"? That would be a title that uses your name and the spirit of the painting....
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Very striking and unusual! I like it very much - makes you think of autumn and harvest time!
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I think it's cute- it reminds me of a poccupine stuck inside of a pumpkin (yea, i'm a weirdo lol) - i like it!!! You should post some more of your work. Do you have a devianart account? My "brother" is an artist and posts a lot of his stuff there.
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I really like it, Hope! You've been very sensitive with the colours, which makes it work so well!
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I like it too!!!
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I really like that. I would definately hang something like that on my wall. Its excellent.
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I love it!
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