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Tiggy loves to take the little mice or of all things the top off of a 20 oz or 2 litre bottle and play fetch. as long a i throw it he will go get it and bring it back and put it in my hand. anybody else play fetch? i have never seen a cat play like that.
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Not quite, but I used to play Bowling for Scooters! Scooter was my childhood cat. He would go to the end of the hallway and I'd close all the doors and toss a super bouncy ball down so it ricocheted off all the walls. He'd bat it down, hold it for a second, and then bat it back down the hall to me so I could throw it again.

My kitten Lily likes to play Rescue the Fuzzy. I put a fuzzy glitter ball on top of the shoulder-height scratching post and she climbs up to get it. If she wants to do it again, she knocks it off, jumps down, and stares at me. If she's had enough she picks it up with her teeth and runs off to one of her fuzzy ball storage spots.
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My Kiko plays fetch with with the top of a 20. oz bottle top. Hes done it since a baby.
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All four of mine will play fetch! It started with Just Tibby doing it, but then the others started to do it too! I think he must have been teaching them!
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That's Tiggy he's done it since he was a baby. it started on the little rattle mice like come in the cheese shaped box then it went to bottle tops. Oh. i put in the order this morning for his soft claws.. 2 sets, blue and for halloween a set of black and orange.
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