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I recently adopted a stray Abyssinian kitten (apprx. 6-8 weeks old), she had been attacked by something, so I took her to the vet as soon as she came into my care (she had an eye problem). She went to the eye specialisist were that prolem was confronted. The original vet never tested for anything else, and now we (my puppy and I) have ringworms. Honey (the kitten) hasn't shown any signs (well, she did have the wounds from being attacked). I've only had her for about 3 weeks. Last night I found a red spot on my puppys leg and this morning I found a red patch under my under arm. I know that I can get athlete foot stuff for me, but can I use it on my pup and Honey too? Sanitizing the house shouldn't be a problem. I just don't want to have to buy 3-6 different medications, when were on a tight budget already, and have already taken Honey to the vets 2x and the specialist (haven't gotten any shots yet, either).

There was some stuff posted in another thread called DermaTechRX, I'v only read from 1 person that this works. Any suggestions?