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Going on holiday

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Hi Im new here, and Im after a bit of advice.

Im going on holiday for 2 weeks. I cant afford a cat kennels.

We have a cat flap and our cat comes and goes as she pleases, coming in for food, wandering round the house and sleeping. She is very well behaved.

When we are away, my wifes dad is coming round for half an hour a day to feed her and change her water etc.

However, im worried that she will think we have deserted her and run away / get lost.

Has anyone had similar worries or am I being a little bit silly?

Please advise
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I would not let her go outside when your gone.Get a litterbox and lock the cat flap.She would be safe that way. If she can have access to the outside and your gone for 2 weeks anything could happen to her.She may not like being kept inside but at least shes safe..
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I have thought of this, but will she use the litter tray if she is used to going outside?

Is it cruel to lock her in?

Im stuck!!
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It would be cruel not to lock her in if something were to happen and she had no one aware of a problem until you got back. Start her on the box before you go away, even two of them (she'll be more inclined to use them that way).
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I agree that your cat should not be left outside if you are away for two weeks and your wife's father is coming for only part of the day. Get her started on the box now. She should learn quickly.
There are special litters (CAt Attract) that can help speed the process.

And really, it might be good to keep her indoors even when you are back. Too many bad things can happen to a pet when it is outside. There were some horrible cases of mean people tormenting pet cats in the news recently.
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I agree that she should be kept inside at least for the duration of your time away. And I also agree to get her started on litter box training right away. Just make sure you put the litter box somewhere quiet and out of the way so that she still feels like she had the privacy she had when she went outside. Thankfully most cats catch on very quickly with litter box training, but if she doesn't try not to get discouraged.

It might also be a good idea to provide her with a window perch if she doesn't already have one and maybe some kitty grass to munch on so she still has some of the feeling of being outside.

And make sure the kitty door is locked well, and that all of your windows are secured, etc. A kitty that wants outside can be quite the ingenius little devil, and if there's a way out...they'll find it.

Good luck!
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I agree with keeping your cat indoors.. Especially if nobody's around to wait up for him if he doesn't come home.
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