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The most odd behavior ever!

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I have an all black male cat around 6 months old. His mom was never the best mother and I fed him from a bottle most of the time. From day one this cat loved people in general, espically me. Now you cant seperate us two. But there is one very odd behavior thats a little freaky. When I am sitting down or something he jumps on my lap and climbs up on my shoulder and starts licking me, which is fine, but then me starts milking my ear-lobes! This is no joke, he sucks on my ear-lobes the exact same way he did to his mothers nipples, he purs and extends his claws and needs the exact same way he did when he was getting milk from his mom. It's sooo weird, he only does it to me, noody else. Why is he doing this?
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He's doing it because he finds it comforting, it reminds him of when he was tiny with his mum and siblings, or of when you were holding him and bottle-feeding him, all warm with a full belly. Mine suckles on my fingers. Many cats grow out of it, but some still like to do it occassionally as adults.
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But he does it all the time, atleast 7 times a day and when I try to remove it he won't let go, he does it for up to 20 minutes at a time. My ear-lobes are sucked raw at this point
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Probably because he didnt get to nurse his Mom long enough. My cat Easy does this to me on my earlobes, everyday. I dont know her history, but I always presumed it was because she didnt get to nurse her Mom long enough. I always let her do it because I know it brings her comfort.
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Ok I guess I will let Mr. Bojangles suck on my ear-lobes then
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Have you considered trying him on a little Cat Milk?
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You bottle fed him - you are his mother!

I have 3 bottle fed cats and 2 of them will come up to nurse off of my husband and I (we both bottle fed them). One will lick you continuously as you described. If they attempt to suckle on something we don't like (such as an ear, nose, toe, finger, etc), we redirect them to a soft object (a towel, t-shirt, etc).

It's not all that weird. You just have a bottle fed baby!!
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My little B'lou did this as well. He didn't do my ear lobs, but he was ocd with the licking me, and only me. I didn't bottle feed him or anything. I adopted him from human society at 2 months. I thought this was never going to end. It took a while, I think it started to stop or lessen at 1 year old. Now I am having a problem with my 5 years old cat. I took her in from a extremely negelectful home, (I wont get into that), and it took this cat almost 8 months to open up to me. Now she sucks on my fingers and is constantly licking me. It get really annoying at times, because I can't do anything with out her attacking my fingers to lick them. I hope over time this will pass, but I really don't know. Good luck, I think that your kitty will eventually settle down with this issue as well.
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This might pass with time. If not this is what I did (to spare my earlobes, arms etc) from Rambo when he did this. I started putting one of my old (and sweatiest, smelliest) shirts between my skin and him so that he was sucking on the t-shirt. It then became that when he came to do that I would re-direct him to the shirt and he would quite happily suckle on that till he was happy. Might work for you. Rambo is 1.5 years old and still does it a few times a week.
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