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Not looking forward to going home

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This is so silly!!
I had a job interview this morning in the town we are moving to. Because its quite far away from home I stayed over at Marks Mum and Dads last night, then drove straight up to work after the interview.
I took Sleeves and Nismo with me last night and because we're away this weekend, and they were going there tomorrow anyway to stay with their Grandma, I have just left them there rather than put them through another car journey.
Mark is over there so I know they'll be fine, but I won't!
I have to go home from work to no kisses, no purrs, no rubbing on my legs while I make their dinner. I have to go to sleep without them and wake up without them
It's different if I go away and leave them with a relative but being in our home without them is going to be bizarre!
Am I just daft or would you be sad aswell I am going to go to the gym for a loooong time tonight so that I don't notice as much but it's going to be so strange! I will miss getting woken up in the night to a heavy lump on my chest
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I've been there Lauren. When i just had Rosie i went to Lanzarotte and had to take her in to a cattery the night before and it was horrible Now when i go to Gils my neighbour looks in on them, but i still hate it. I'm at Gils tomorrow night for the weekend but i've been thinking about them all week without their mum
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I know, I hate leaving them too I know they have fun at Marks Mums though. They've got a massive room to run around and they also like to play in the sauna (don't worry its not turned on ) and the computer is in the room so there is always people in and out.
Im just not looking forward to being at home without them tonight I have been dreading it all week.
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How yucky! I can only imagine how you feel! For the three years that I've had my own cats, I've only been away from them for two nights!

Sending lots of not lonely without kitty }}}VIBES{{{ your way
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Yup, I've been there, too. When we finally realized that the fixer-upper we were in wasn't gonna get fixed up till there was no one living there, I moved with the kits over into our rental mobile home (that the non-paying tenants finally left) but the dogs and hens had to stay at the first place, so there were some nights that I had to sleep "catless". Nights that turned out to be "sleepless", esp. since the old house gets LOTS of spiders, unless there are plenty of cats on duty
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The house is just not the same is it? just doesn't feel right when they aren't there Trust me you are not alone in feeling this way!!!
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I'm even lonely for mine, when I go away for a vacation or Holiday. I have to spend a week or two without them. I spend my entire trip missing them.
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i know how you feel - i so missed mine over the christmas holidays, when i had to stay at my parents for 2 weeks. & we went & visited every 3 days or so, but still - they weren't there in the evenings to love on me during TV or reading time, or to purr me to sleep. poor baby
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I hate it too! but as it looks i wont have any vacation any time soon so im all good!
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I went on an 11 day cruise 2 years ago and had a pic of Bella right by the bed and nearly went out of my mind missing her!!! The others...not so much
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
I went on an 11 day cruise 2 years ago and had a pic of Bella right by the bed
I had pictures of Rosie on my phone when i went away for that week in Lanzarotte and looked at her every day
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Oh yeah, I hate it ! When we lived in the UK I had to take them to the cattery, it was just hideous it was like someone had cut my arms off. The house seems so quiet with kitties running about and pestering you for treats and hugs

All I can suggest is...................have a glass of wine
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Lauren, I would be BESIDE myself! I do not envy you, and I hope you find lots to keep you occupied, so you don't dwell on their absence.
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Thanks everyone I really am glad you understand.
I've been out to the gym and now I'm having something to eat. Then I have to pack my bag for going away and clean the place up so I'll be pretty busy until I go to bed. I'm not looking forward to going to bed though
Mark called me earlier when they were eating their dinner
They've got a litter box at their Grans so the one we have here is just sitting there all empty. And their food bowls are on the floor all clean and empty
I can't wait to see them tomorrow before we go away, then I'll see them when we get back on Sunday
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When we got our floors refinished, Prego stayed at a friend's house because I thought the fumes would be bad for him and the loud tools would scare him. This was before I had Polly. It was the first time I had been separated from Prego since getting him. I cried all the way to my friend's house. I'm better now with leaving them.
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