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Cat not eating dry food after on Clavamox

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Hi everyone. I hope someone here can help me, or guide me in the right direction. Our cat has been on dry food ever since we got her. A couple of weeks ago, she got a cold, and we brought her into the vet, and they prescribed Clavamox for 2 weeks. The whole 2 weeks, she barely ate, and vomited a couple of times. Now I know Clavamox can suppress appetite, and can make a cat vomit, but we still tried to get her to eat something, and resulted in feeding her some canned tuna just to get her to eat. Now she has been off the meds for over a week, if not longer, and now she refused to eat her try food, AND her favorite treats in the world that she used to go nuts over!

Since she wasn’t eating we got her some canned food just to get her to eat, but that was only temporary in hoping once the meds were out of her system, she would eat dry again. But this has not happened. I need help! I do not want to feed her canned food, it's too pricey and I want to get her back on dry! All she does is look at the dry, and try to bury it, which I know is a sign of her not wanting it.

Should I try a new dry cat food? Why isn’t she eating it, even her FAVORITE treats on earth! I am totally stressed and confused, and she is my child, and I feel so helpless. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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Yes, try a new food. Also, try adding a probiotic such as Benebac (found in petstores or vet offices) to the wet food. My kittens were getting a little diarrhea and loss of appetite after several weeks on Amoxycillin and this helped them a lot.
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Thanks, I will give another dry food a try with that stuff. I am not going to give her anymore wet food though.
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Don't take the wet food away too quickly, just reduce it. Since she was recently sick it's probably not a good idea to stress her by changing her food quickly. And it could upset her stomach.
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Well, I bought some Eukanuba Chicken and Rice dry food last night and she ate some of it with some new treats I got her, she didn't eat a ton, but it's a start. But yeah I might mix some wet food in with the dry to make the transition easier for her.
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Maybe kitty has been reading The Cat Site and decided she would be a little healthier with some wet food in her diet.
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I don't think you should see this as a problem. Wet food is so much healthier and less fattening then dry. I would go with it and switch her over or feed her wet twice a day and leave dry out for her all the time to snack in between.
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