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Help, somethings WRONG with my cat.

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Can anyone tell me about a cat that is very very off balance.It is like the cat is drunk, very drunk. My cat was fine one day and the next he is ... I need help, I need to know what it might be. He still eats good but isn't drinking much. He is an outside cat, so it is possable that he could have gotten hurt. He has went in to an empty room and has been there sence last night. My cat can not walk without falling, he has no broken bones that I can tell. Can anyone help me? Please.
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Is he crying and in pain? My parents had a cat whose back legs because useless after a blood clot entered the main blood supply to the back legs. I can't think of the vets name for that condition though...

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He don't cry or act like he is in pain. He is still cleaning himself and acts fine, untill he trys to walk!
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You need to get kitty to the vet and have the vet run the tests. This could be neurological, kitty could of gotten hit with something. It could be anything really. But a vet would be the best one to advise you.
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I can not pay a vet. I am a single mon of two/ no income. I have 5 cats that I found abandon and almost dead as newborns, and I really can't even afford to feed them, but I just could not give them away. They are close to one year old now and I love them, and I am wanting to do something for my kitty, I wish it were to go to a vet but that is inpossable. So now I guess I will have to wait and see if he is going to get over this. But thanks for the help, anything to help my cat I will do if I can do.
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Sounds as if he got into some poison, or got hit in the head. Try calling the vets in your area, you may be able to find one who would let you make small payments. Or try calling the Humane Society if you have one in your town, and see if they might be able to help?
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It is possible your cat drank antifreeze from a puddle on the ground and is now poisoned. Acting drunk is one of the symptoms. If that is what happened, without prompt vet care, the cat will die. After a certain time period, as in hours, there is no treatment. It's almost too late by now, but if you rush the cat in for emergency treatement, it might be able to be saved. With antifreeze poisoning, the cat (or dog) seems to get better a day or two later after the initial drunken symptoms, but meanwhile, the kidneys are being damaged and eventually fail. The cat will be unable to urinate, will be in pain, suffer, then mercifully will slip into a coma and die.

Since you have no money for the vet, take your cat to the human society and give it up to them. Tell them about the symptoms so they might be able to help the cat. It might not be antifreeze poisoning, but it sounds like some kind of poisoning, or maybe internal injuries. In any case, the cat needs treatment now!

I understand your reluctance to give up kittens that you find and come to love, but if you can hardly feed them, you have too many cats to be able to care for. I urge you to find new homes for some of them, and to only keep as many cats as you can afford to feed and get needed medical treatment for. That would be the greatest act of love. If you won't do that, at least keep them all as indoor only cats, so they don't have as much chance to need emergency vet care due to poisoning or being hit by cars, mauled by other animals, etc.

I hope your ill cat doesn't suffer much, but any suffering is too much. And suffer he will if he has been poisoned or sustained internal injuries.
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Since this was brought up, I do feel the need to vent!!

I recently went through this with my cat - we paid for the $600 care for a urinary tract infection and then when it happened two weeks later they wanted to do a $1500 surgery - the vet told us that it is his policy to not help financially. Which is harsh on a family - we had no option but to put the cat down which the vet was not happy with, but he would not help out otherwise - not even agreeing to monthly payments... Thankfully, he recovered on his own after passing another mucus plug in his urine.

We called three other local vets who said the exact same thing - cash up front or find another vet.

Now two weeks ago here, the local humane society ruled that they will no longer take pets from the town I live in. So if we want to get rid of any pets in the future (we are a prime dump spot for strays) we have to put ads in the newspaper. I find this appalling!! For years I have supported the humane society by adopting pets from them and donations and now they are turning their backs on us. We adopted a dog from them 3 years ago, and just learned that my hubby's job may come to an end in Sept. because his company is not financially stable - I have been trying to find a home for my dog who can afford her - and the humane society will not take her back - even though she came from them in the first place.
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The best homes I have found for my rescued animals are from ads put up in the vet offices. Write clever copy, take good photos and put together a story of the pet's life and post it in vet offices and feed stores. Talk to the perspective-owners-to-be carefully, visit their home and make sure that you don't give the animal away for free.

About the vets, here in my area, many vets will work with you by either taking post-dated checks and holding them, or swapping manual work for vet services. I know one gal who has pulled weeds and cut trees, swapped for firewood, walked dogs and cleaned cages all to get vet care. She has put up horse fencing for one vet to get the surgery done on her dog. The best way is to go in and talk to the office manager one-on-one and explain the situation. Unfortunately, these days it seems like in some cases, the vet just wants the almighty dollar and has forgotten the passion that spurred them to be a vet in the first place. Just try to find one that cares more for the welfare of the animal if you can.
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That I would love. But around here (Northern Vermont) I have 5 vets that are within a 30 minute drive and none of them were willing to let me do payments or anything to help us. But I can understand it to... the average house here now costs at least $200k, so they need to money to keep their clinics... everyone seems to be fighting a losing battle between bills, property taxes, and income.

I did ask our local vet if I could advertise our dog and he did say he didn't have a problem with that, as long as we signed paperwork stating that we would not hold him responsible if the new owner turns out to be a jerk.
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I started him on antibiotics and he seems to be getting better. Maybe just an ear infecation.
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