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frontline anyone ???

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ive just noticed my kitten is scratching alot, so i decided to flee her again but this time i used frontline instead of advantage..im not sure if its me or what but 24 hours after doing her ive never seen her scratch, i also did the other cats just incase..i know 30 pound is alot to flee them but if it works this well im happy..anyone have any other flee drops that works this well
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I always use frontline plus. For my cats it works the best and is well worth the money.
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Frontline is brilliant! I have used it since the first application! Pippin has never had a flea in his life!

Back in South Africa we used Frontline on our dogs with the same sucess so I definatly would recommend frontline!
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I have two dogs and have fathfuly used frount line and not A flea one.
They don't even know what a flea
I don't use anthing on Kaliey becuse she is indoors all the time.
But I would recomed Frout Line To anone.
You can even skip A month wich makes worh the price.
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FRONTLINE is the best IMO its pricey,but it works,so its worth it
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There are several different versions of Frontline so make sure you get theone that suits your cat and her life style. I use Frontline Combo as it kills both fleas and ticks, and is good for cats who go into the grass and fields a lot. When I was using ordinary Frontline I couldn't understand how they got ticks that didn't fall off, so I had to do it. Even my vet at the time didn't realise there were several different versions.
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yes..i got the frontline which covers flees ticks and mites..after only a week ive not seen a single thing on them..i will be getting frontline again although not from the vets as ive found a site that sells them cheeper and gets delivered to your door which to me is a bonus as my vets is a bus ride away..
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