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Hi everyone.
I have not posted since I asked for prayers in getting the job at Trader Joe's in San Diego. I did get the job but it has been kicking my butt. I come home exhausted and sore and on my days off I do nothing. I cant even muster up the energy to watch t.v. I love my job though and still want to thank every one who wished me luck in getting the job. My baby Karma has been wonderfull. I was so woried that she would be mad at me for not being home with her all the time anymore but I could not have been more wrong. She has warmed up to my husband beautifully and still loves me. She greets me every day with, what we call the hula dance on the side of the couch. She stands at the edge and puts her litle paws up on the corner and shakes her butt. She is totally saying hi to me, I love it. I have missed being here, god, I am tired from work. All my free time goes to Karma and my husband. But things seem to be mellowing out and I hope to be here more. I have missed you all and plan to be here more often.