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And to think we moved out to the country to get away from it all. We went to bed early tonight, we were busy today laying fence and really exhausted but about 10:00 p.m I woke up to Kenai whimpering. I went looking for her and she was hiding in the shower? She only does this on the fourth of july and during hunting season, as she hates guns. I called her out of the shower and went with her in the front room to find our bay window was bathed in blue and red strobe lights. There were 4 state troopers parked across the road behind another vehicle and when I looked out the window I saw 3 of them hot-footing it down our driveway. I opened the door and they shined a flashlight in my face and told me to STAY IN THE HOUSE. One of them came over to tell me that someone they had chased was in our backyard, and the trooper was none to happy to find out from me that we have a knife shop back there as well, then he took off through the gate, so I woke Mike up and Mike went out and started turning on floodlights and outside lights and barn lights for the search. I stayed in the house and turned every light on I could and locked all the doors and prayed they would find the man they were looking for.

They found him hiding under one of our trailers and with guns drawn they commanded him to come out slowly. Mike said it was like being in an episode of COPS. The man was 6'2 and built like a brickhouse. Somehow he had made it over the electric fence, but I bet he got zapped for his trouble! It looked like he tried to hide in one of the horse stalls and then decided under the trailer would be a better bet. I am just glad they caught him! I talked to the officer about Kenai's reaction, and he told me that they have run across this before with other dogs, and whether the dogs smell the adrenline, or the canine units, or the equipment, but it is pretty normal for the dogs to be shook up.

We were sleeping so peacefully too, now I am not so willing to fall asleep, even though they got the man.
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After the busy day you both had, you did not need this! That is VERY scary to think that this man was running around your house!
Thank goodness that Kenai alerted you!

Too bad he did not get hooked up with a few of the ferals....I can picutre this jerk now - all scratched and bit to pieces!

I am glad you are all safe and I hope that you get a little extra rest today!
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Oh My! That must have been absolutely terrifying! I'm glad it's all over and they got the man. Keep safe you two!
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Glad to hear everything is A-OK, MA.
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Some years ago, on a very warm summer's night, I decided to leave the dogs on the porch. They were sound asleep and I was reading in bed when I heard something large and metallic slam onto the concrete floor of the garage underneath me! All three collies began to bark, and by the time I got to the window they were at the 5 foot cyclone fence, facing the woods and barking as if they wanted to kill!
The horrified would-be burglar must have climbed in a huge hurry, because there was no sign of him. I was terrified at the time, but later someone said, "I wish I could have seen the expression on that guy's face when he saw three 70 pound dogs running towards him." That brought a smile to my face. I knew that these three collies were so gentle they had raised two kittens, but to that thief, they must have been terrifying, because it took only seconds for me to reach that window, and he was nowhere in sight!
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I know that we all love our kitties but, there's nothing better than a dog, for alerting us and scaring off bad guys! Face it - 85 lbs. of snarling, growling Dalmatian is a lot more intimidating that 8 lbs. of laid-back, loveable Opie.
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My ferals just scattered anyway. Which is SOP when strangers approach anyway!
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:laughing: I don't know, katl8e, Squirt is my first line of defense. He always alerts me as to when to potentially be scared out of my wits, as he is frightened of everything!
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Wow, MaryAnne, you had quite a night! That must have been really scary!! I'm glad that you and Mike are safe and they caught the guy!!! Maybe we will see you on COPS next weekend...
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This stuff can happen anywhere.
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That is true, it can, but It is even more scary, I think, in areas where you have a low crime rate, and things like this don't happen very often, as opposed to say some of the big cities, where this stuff happens all the time and people are more used to it.

That's not to say that it isn't still scary, but at least it is more expected in some places.
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Debby, yeah that's right.

I grew up in a very small town/state. But I was always a big city girl at heart, even before I had ever visited one. We never really had much crime there, other than domestic ones.
There was one man, which escaped from prison one night, and he was loose in the woods behind my house some where. But in about 18 years, that's really the only 'crime' I can think of that sticks out in my head.

I helped someone who wasn't suppose to leave the state, across state borders (opppps, I didn't know.) About a week later I heard that he had mugged some old man out of state and that the cops were looking for him. I was so full of guilt I had to go down to the police station and ask if he was caught yet, if he wasn't I was gonna have to tell them anything I knew.
But luckly he was caught by that time, they also showed me his 8 page long listing of 'offences' he has committed. :|
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OMG, that had to be so scary! I'm glad they caught him. At least you know the cops are doing their job.

You know, even though the ferals all scattered, could you imagine what would have happened to that guy had he chosen the same hiding spot as one of them? He would have been shredded.
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