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Recently Adopted

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Well, I've recently been adopted by two furbabies. Kathrine and Rayne were found down a window well up the road from my apartment. I was the only one able to fit down the dratted thing and now I have a pair of dark, tabby kittens sleeping on my couch, which has become their couch in the past week. My fiance and I already had a cat, Madamioselle, who hates the kittens with a passion, or so she would have me believe. We (my fiance and I) are debating on if we are or aren't keeping the second kitten, Rayne. Kathrine, Kitty, has picked me for mommy,pillow, hot water bottle, and every other title that comes with being owned by this little furball. I had been buging my finace for some time to get me a puppy, I'm very glad he said no.
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Welcome to TCS!
I hope Rayne gets to stay. He'll miss his sister Kathrine.
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Hi! Welcome to TCS. I hope the new furbabies can stay with you, they would miss each other . You'll love it here.
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Welcome to The Cat Site. You will love it here. I hope all the kittys get to stay.
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aww...........bless them, hope you get to keep them all !

and well welcome to TCS, its great here, lots of brill advice, support and friendship...........oh and we have some fun now and then

once you get settled in, it would be great to see some photos of your new fur-balls

Enjoy the site
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Hi Mooficat!

I am sure glad, too -- CATS RULE, dogs drool...Hope you do decide to keep Rayne AND Kathrine, as they are probably sisters (brother and sister?) and bonded. Two are more fun than one and besides, it would take two little kittens to keep one Madamoiselle-with-attitude humble, right?
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