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Identical twins....

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Does anyone else think they often don't look nearly as alike as people say? I've started a nanny position for a new family with twin boys and, less than a week in, I can already pick out who's who in old family photos.

And does it get on anyone else's nerves to see identicals dressed alike? Sometimes, when it's on like 8 yr olds and really extreme (like, to the hair clips and shoes) it really pushes my buttons. Just a pet peeve of mine....

Any identicals on the site?
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2 of my bestfriends growing up are identical twins. I can remember people coming up to them ALL THE TIME and not knowing who was who. But to me, who was always with them, they looked completely different. Im sure it was just subtle differences, but to me it was completely different.
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Yes the dressing alike thing has always bugged me a little. Doesn't seem to develop much room for them to develop as individuals, but of course I'm not a twin, so I could be very wrong...

Growing up in a small town there were two sets of twins in my class. The girls I could always tell apart. One was sweet, and one was....less sweet. One also had a slightly rounder face.

The boys on the other hand I still can't tell apart to this day. They are IDENTICAL.
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In my year 7 class, for some reason a set of twins were put together.
When they had their hair up they would always confuse the teachers!
Once they even got detention because they kept on blaming each other for something, they had a big fight at home, they sat next to each other in class and they were literally strangling each other. THe teacher had to seperate them, one was at one end of the room.
I could always tell them apart, one looked slightly older than the other.
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I am an identical twin.

Yes, I am very glad that my parents never dressed my sister and I the same, and encouraged us to be different.

However, I've never been very good at telling other twins apart. ;-)
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I have difficulty telling my granddaughters apart. When I buy clothes for them, I try to get different colors. My DIL puts different colored ponytail holders on them but, they pull those out. Now that they're toddlers, their personalities are starting to diverge: Feliza is a drama queen and more mischievous. Isabel is more laid-back and will play by herself.
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Two of my best friends in HS are identical twins. At first I couldn't tell them a paprt for the life of me. As we got closer I realized that A had a more slender face and M had the chubbier face. But other than that they look exactly alike!
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Me and my identical twin look quite different now. The older we got, the more different we looked.
As kids we always had the same clothes, but refused to wear the same outfits. We were very insistent from an early age about our seperate identities, and couldn't stand to see twins dressed alike!
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Up until 7th grade mom dressed my and my twin alike (good thing we here girls (haha) We still sound alike so when I can parents I still identify myself!!
We now have different hair color so you can tell up apart plus I weigh a bit more than sis.
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Two of my very good friends are identical twins. When they are together I can tell them apart, although a lot of people can't. When I see them seperately somewhere though, its almost impossible to tell them apart until they start talking!
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The appearance of my sister and I has converged as we get older.

I think much of it has to do with the extremely self-concious differentiation we did when were younger. Not only did we dress differently, but we acted as differently as possible. I wanted to look sexy and be seen as social and relaxed, my sister wanted to be seen as independent and serious. As time goes on, I've put less and less attention to my appearance, and more to being true to myself. Now my sister and I both have short hair, neither of us ever wear make-up, we both prefer used clothes to new clothes, and we actually carry our bodies in more simliar ways.

In fact, my sister is much more graceful than I, especially in the way she holds her hands. She used to keep them so tense that she hurt her hands, so she learned to hold them in the most efficient and ergomomically good way possible, which means graceful.

Since we are very rarely in the same city anymore, it is now fun and funny to introduce friends to the look-alike sister, instead of being a constant assault on our individuality.

I must say, though, both of our spouses find it very strange to be married to a twin, on the rare occasions that we all hang out together.
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