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Talk to me about this soft paws stuff

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i need to know how it works, where to get it, the price,how it stays on. the whole lot. tiggy rips us to ribbons when we play this stuff may be the solution.is it like a nail polish to paint on or rubber tips or what keeps them from chewing it off? thanks.
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They are rubber tips that you glue on with the glue that they provide.There are 40 in a set,so if you only do fronts.....you'll have enough for 4 changes.Sometimes one will fall off and then all you do is replace it with another one.There is no way that they can scratch furniture and stuff with them on.
YOu can go to www.thecatandkittenstore.com and look at them and order them.I just got mine the other day in the mail, and used them on Corwin and Lilly.I LOVE them and will NOT go without them from now on.
It saves you,your furniture and curtains.Plus, to me.............it is more humane then declawing them or even trying to constantly correct their scratching behavior by yelling at them or whatever.
If you want to, you can PM me and I'll answer any questions that I can about them.
I got 2 sets and it was $31.70 with free shipping.It took about 4 days after I ordered them to get them in the mail.
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Thank you so much, I am about to order mine. you took care of everything i needed to know about them, thanks
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Anytime!!!! You will love them,I'm sure.
Forgot to say, make sure you clip the end of their nails BEFORE you put them on.Also, it's easier to put them on if you ahve someone hold the cat/kitten and you apply them.
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The glue they give you is just nail glue or super glue. They are all the same thing. So if the glue dries up or something don't sweat it.

I also want to say that if your cat is ripping you to shreads when you play with her I just wanted to point out that you shouldn't use your hands to play with the cat, especially if the cat is already a little agressive towards hands, it just makes them see hands as toys and they will learn to always know hands are to play with.
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Also, if you read the instrucitons about the glue, it says to store it in the fridge.I thought that was kind of weird.But, I did and it works!!!
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well he has no agression to hands we have to get him started to play most of the time he sees a hand for rubbing.but when he gets to playing he gets so into it he scratches not bad but still scratches. i don't think he even knows he has done it. i am lucky he has not got an aggressive bone in his body. he is very passive.
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