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Our daily thread - Saturday, April 7

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Well, we haven't had a daily thread in a while...

[edited later: It's me Anne - I just noticed that the post is under Alpha's username (my hubby's).]

I thought I'd start this one to wish all of you a happy Passover. We're celebrating tonight with a big feast and with telling the story of how our people escaped Egypt and went back to the land of Israel.

Anyone here Jewish except me? Well, if yo have Jewish friends today is a good day to phone them and wish them a happy Passover.

I'm going over to my mother-in-law to help with the preparations. There are going to be just 8 of us by the table, but she is making enough food for a whole batallion Let's see, we're having: soup, spicy fish, roast beef (the larget piece I've ever seen in my life), potatoes, rice, lettuce salad, carrot salad, cauliflower salad and 2 other kinds of salad, carrot cake, lemon moosse (sp?) and fruit salad.

I suppose I won't be able to do much after that... and tomorow we're having luch at my mom's - another gigantic meal!!! I wonder how much weight I'll gain from this Passover

Well, have a terrific weekend everyone. I'll try and pop over if I have time (and if I can get myself out of bed after all the feasting )
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Well, Anne, I'm not Jewish but I'd love to sit in with all of you for that meal you described! Oh, well.

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A very happy Passover to you. I am not Jewish, but have several friends who are. I love attending your holidays. The stories and traditions are so interesting to me.
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Hi all, it was very windy here today. In fact, it was so windy, it blew a 40 foot tall tree over onto my house! And when the tree blew over, it fell onto a power line, which snapped the power pole it was connected to in half! Lucky the power lines kept the pole from falling down too. The tree did some damage to the roof of our house, nothing real severe, but we will have to re-shingle our house. That and cut up a big ol' tree.

The cats were pretty upset because of all the wind and noise. The tree falling sounded like thunder, especially because it landed right on the room I was in hehe. But everyone was ok. When I checked on the baby kittens, they had no clue what was going on outside and were in the box wrestling with each other!

Whew, a pretty exciting and tiring day!
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And fireshoes, how about an update on those 2 orange babies?
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