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My kitten Quicksilver is teething and when she play fights with your hand, she starts to bite after a while. It doesn't hurt me or anyone who plays with her.
My vet said it's the feral side of her coming out and to get the behavour out of her system before she gets older. Other wise she will be used to it and it will hurt when she is adult.
I've tried squicking at a high pitch when she bites. It stops her but she then starts bitting my bf. H ecan't squick high pitched so he can't stop her. If I stop squicking she doesn't bite him she claws him when she runs past and goes back to biting me.
Any help would be appreciated.
Quote from friends: Arrr she's so cute (5 seconds late) Arrr she's bitting me get her off me.
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Don't play with her with your hands. Use toys and if she starts going after hands or arms, stop playing with her and tell her no. If she goes after other people then a time out may help which means put her in a crate or room by herself for a few minutes. If you are consistent in corrective measures she will get the idea fairly quick.

Often if mine decide to do what they have been corrected on before, all I have to do is ask if they want to go to the cage and they will find something else to do.
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Thanks I'll try. My best friend said to try the squicking thing was that the right thing to try?
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I imagine that if it stops her that's ok, but as you said, your boyfriend can't do that and you need to implement something you both can do and stick with to stop her from continuing this behavior.
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this is what i've done for the ones i raised from kittenhood... when they would bite me, i firmly tap their noses & say "NO!" in a loud voice. i read somewhere that the tap is like what the mama cat does to discipline the kittens. combined with the "NO!" it also teaches them what "NO!" means for later in life. all of mine know that word - i can call it from across the room & they will stop the behavior [at least temporarily ] the only ones that bite now are Chip [who i didn't raise & is declawed - he's getting better!] & Cable when she's mad at me for something... & she knows she shouldn't - she usually bites & runs!
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Thanks all its working. I'm trying the tapping on the nose tecnic. The first time she looked at me with the "what did you do that for" look but she go the hint after 2 more times. Now when she bites I tap her once and say no and she stops right away, then lays on me and behaves... until she see Creep then she bolts to her and try grapping her tail.
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Sometimes blowing in their face works, a strong burst of air or a hiss, a short hiss..........
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I've done that before with my older cat and she slapped me round the face and gave me evils. I also tried it with Quicksilver and she just meowed really loud in my face. Tell ya for such a small kitten she has a big gob and likes to alot nag.
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Some are just full of cattitude! Gotta love them for it!
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Thanks everyone Quicksilver has lernt to stop biting.
She lernt very quickly not keep being norty with mummy.
She takes it out on Creep insted, but Creep warns her off as well.
Thank once again everyone.
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