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Cornish Rex cats??

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I'm wondernig if anyone knows the price range for a cornish rex? I am alergic to cats but being a devoted cat love intend on never being with out a cat. I have heard that the coat of a cornish rex is easier on allergies, so I'm wondering about how much they cost? Or is it possible that if I were patient I might be able to find one at the humane society? I currently have a 16 year old cat who is sick with CRF so I am just researching for future information. My baby would not be happy with another cat in the house & I would never never do anything to stress her at this point, but as hard as it is for me to think of I know that she will not live forever so I firgure I can use this time to do research about diffrent types of cats.
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Here is a list of breeders by breed. You might be able to find a price on the websites.


Here is another one for cornish rex cat breeders.

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I think I've also read that Russian Blue's are supposed to be fairly good for allergy sufferers.

One other option for you, instead of going through a breeder, see if there is a rescue organization for the breed you decide on. Not only could you possibly save some money (as long as the "papers" aren't that important to you), but you could help a cat in need.

Not discounting breeders in the slightest, but it may be an option.
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One of our breeder friends has Cornish Rex. I know that sometimes she has pet quality or a mix between an Oriental Shorthair and Rex that she sells as pets. They have the same coat type and are placed as pets only. I would bet there may be breeders in your area that place some of the cats without papers.
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I think it is great that you want to rescue a cat! But I would suggest finding someone who has one and exposing yourself to the cat several times before you decide. I have heard people say that certain cats dont affect their allergies while others do. If you do find a breed that you can live with a suggest you get a purebred or you may end up being allergic to the mix. And you may want to make sure that where ever you get the cat that if things do not go well you can return the cat. Good luck!
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I can't remember the name of the site, but it's a list of retired cats who are being put up for adoption ......... They have ALL breeds.
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