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Fall/Halloween Decorations

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I'm getting VERY anxious about putting up my fall decorations. When do you usually put them up? I think I'm going to put mine up tonight

Its the end of September.... I figure its okay to put up my fall and some halloween stuff, right?
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I would put up fall stuff, but I would save the Halloween decorations until October. That's just my opinion though.
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I start putting up my Fall decorations as soon as the leaves start to change
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The trees are really starting to turn here - its so pretty. I wasn't sure about the Halloween stuff tho.

Most stores have their Halloween and Christmas stuff up already!
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
The trees are really starting to turn here - its so pretty. I wasn't sure about the Halloween stuff tho.

Most stores have their Halloween and Christmas stuff up already!
Yeah, but some it seems didn't bother to put the Chirstmas stuff away from last year! lol

We don't have much for fall decorations...not much survived through Lily last year. Just make sure they are "Davidson safe". I bet Harely was still a kitten last fall & you already know they are kitten safe....

I think you could get away with putting them all up now. Put out the candy bowl, too & keep that stocked/refilled until Halloween!
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I was just in Target on Sunday and looking at all of the fall and Halloween decor. I can't decide what I want though. Maybe some pumpkins and leaves for our stoop/landing.

What does everyone decorate with inside? Leaf garlands? Fall candles?
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew View Post
I start putting up my Fall decorations as soon as the leaves start to change
ok, assuming i put up fall decorations... if i waited till the leaves changed, it wouldn't be until november!
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i was just thinking about putting up the decorations today. But I skip fall decorating and go straight for halloween, It is my favorite holiday and I know after I have this baby in the next couple of weeks i wont feel like doing it.
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I have completely stopped decorating for any holidays/seasons because my decorations always get destroyed plus, its not quite as fun to take them down as put them up
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I am SO excited to put up Halloween decorations this year! In the apartment it wasn't worth it because we never got any trick or treaters anyway. But in the townhome there are so many possibilities!! And we're going to have our housewarming party in mid-October anyway, so I'll definitely be able to show the decorations off. I will wait until the first of October to put them up, though.
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
ok, assuming i put up fall decorations... if i waited till the leaves changed, it wouldn't be until november!
and what if you live in the tropics where it's always green?!
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I'll be putting mine up in a week or 2. I have a beautiful wreath I made with red & orange silk leaves, berries, sparkly orange ribbon, baby gourds & pumpkins! It's so pretty! And I'll set out a few painted pumpkins too! Inside I don't do much, some pumpkin yankees, and some leaf type rings around my candles....that's about it. Then for Halloween, we do the windows with bats & spiders....and I have this cute swing music skeleton that goes off when you get to the door, the kids love it.
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What kind of Halloween decorations does everyone else have? This is my first year in our house so we don't have any yet. Right now I just have an autumn-themed door hanging.
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What kind of decorations to you guys put up??
I only have fake pumpkins here!
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We have Halloween garland, a big (~3' x 3-1/2') tin black cat and pumpkin that has tea light candles to light up the eyes, candles, door hanger, window stickies including a full window hanger that looks like a mummy sillouhette at night when the lights are on, and various Halloween lights - purple mini lights, bats, and skeletons. And we're going to get some of the faux jack-o-lanterns with the electric lights that can be used year after year. I actually put up a full on Halloween Tree one year with the garland and hanging bats and lights. It was too cool! I think I have more, but it's been packed away for so long that I don't remember.
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I put my scarecrow and chrysanthemums up outside on Sunday, and have slowly been putting some of the fall stuff out.

For fall indoors I have scarecrows, glass, wicker, and grapevine pumpkins, candles, and lots of fall leaves.

For Halloween, I have a Halloween village, jack o'lanterns, ghosts, and I'm not sure what else, because we haven't pulled those totes out yet! I'll do that closer to the beginning of October.

I have Thanksgiving dinner here, so I like to decorate for Fall.
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl View Post
and what if you live in the tropics where it's always green?!
exactly! people who live where there are 4 seasons just don't know what we go thru!
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lol, Erik and I are holding off until October to buy our decorations so we WON'T put them up too early.
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I grow corn and broom corn and bundle them up and wrap grape vines around them. HAve to dig and pot my flowering cabbage to set out. Inside-well I haven't brought my bins up from the basement, but I have funky decorations, fall themed pillows, bunches of silk sunflowers some pumpkin themed pictures and I big fall arrangment in a orangish brown pot.
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I can't wait to put up Halloween decorations, I absolutely love it! I don't really get more than 5 trick-or-treaters, but so what!?

I have several candy bowls, several different kinds of halloween garland, lots of pumpkins and fake spider webs. I also have lots of the things that move and make noise when you walk in front of them, and the window/mirror stickers.

I'm a little wary this year thought.....Marlee was an angel kitten and never got into a thing, but Milo is a little terror and I know will be into everything! So to keep my little one safe I may have to leave out some of the spider web stuff! Most of my decorations are more Halloween than fall, so I'm gonna try to wait til the last weekend of September to put them up.
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I'm going apple picking with the next couple of days. At the farm stand I'll buy a few bunches of corn stalks that I put up on my arbor and have decorative small brooms with fall ribbons I tie in the middle of the stalks. I will also get my pumpkins there that I set up on the arbor and then some on the garden walls.Bunches of the colored corn.
I've all ready put out large pots of mums.Then the first week in October I add the halloween stuff. I have a large skeleton dressed in a tuxedo that I sit on the Arbor bench. Alot of glass jack-o-lanterns. Fall wreath for the front door.
Inside i have fall place matts and I do have a small halloween village. Alot of battery operated halloween stuff witches, skeletons, Ghost...
I never get any trick or treaters. I'm too far out in the woods. But some how I do manage to get the bigger kids that like to steal pumkins and smash them!
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We have to keep our Halloween decorations kids freindly and recently widowed neighbor freindly. No skeletons for us this year! (My husband is dreadfully dissapointed!) We really want to build up a collection of holiday decorations now that we've bought our own home, so we went and got a scarecrow door hanging, some electric jack-o-lanterns, etc...

The holiday time of year is so much fun!
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I live in a apartment but I have the cutest little Witch to put on my door for halloween, I hope it doesn't get stolen. I wish I could decorate more, I am a compleet craft idiot. I love makeing things to put up around the house.
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Well, the leaves are turning here, so I'll be putting them up shortly! I like to put up corn stalks on the front porch with scarecrows in the garden, pumpkins, and a nice fall door wreath! After Thanksgiving (early October here), I'll add the Halloween decorations - more pumpkins, "fake grave stones" a flying bat, a cackling skeleton, and various and sundry other scary things! Oh, and the flashing pumpkin lights! They'll all come down the day after Halloween and then up go the Christmas decorations! My husband tells me our house looks like National Lampoons Christmas Vacation every year by the time I'm done - I don't agree - I think I do more!
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I didn't put up any decorations tonight..... but I AM going to put stuff out tomorrow for sure!

I have fall leaves that I put up on top of our cupboards (we have a space between the top fo the cupboards and the ceiling that makes for perfect spots for decorating!) I usually put the fake fall leaves up there with lights intertwined - I love it, its my favorite part.

I had a really fun table cloth to put on my island in my kitchen.... but Harley killed that last year

I have a few window clings, and some cute wall hangings that I'll put up tomorrow. I plan on going to Gordmans the 1st weekend in October and getting some super cute stuff, for super cheap! For fall and winter decorations
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I can't remember much from year to year! But I know we have a Winnie the pooh scarecrow guy for out front and some black cats and my husband brings home straw from work and sets up a whole thing out front but I can't remember it
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I am soooo excited about decorating this year!! I think we'll wait until the begining of October though. This is the first year that we've actually lived in town (always lived out in the country) so we'll actually get trick-or-treaters!! YAY!! I'm going to put some hay bales and pumpkins out in the front yard and a pretty fall wreath on the door. Hubby saw a scarecrow somewhere that someone had made, that had a pumpkin for a butt and it was bent over and looked like it was mooning you! He wants to make one of those to put in the yard, but we haven't made up our mind fully about that yet.
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